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VerifiedWorks is a dynamic, diverse, women-owned-and-led team with an insiders’ reputation for developing carefully curated marketing strategies and producing original, outstanding creative for an array of clients. VerifiedWorks (VW) develops calculated plans specifically for their clients, turning them into creative visions, while capturing the imagination and the attention of their client's audience.

Bold Ideas, Masterful Execution

In need of a new digital presence, Verified Works reached out to Big Drop. VW was in need of some direction with a custom site, unique designs, and looking for a partner to help bring ideas to the table. Through content optimization and animation; Big Drop set out to create the ultimate appearance for VW.

In bringing VerifiedWork’s new digital presence to life, the Big Drop team set out to highlight the true value of VW’s diverse team and exceptional production capabilities. In doing so, it was just as important that the website would be more dynamic to reflect VerifiedWork’s values, missions, and goals. By optimizing content, copy, and all things visual, Big Drop created the perfect user journey: providing information in an easily digestible way, presenting content that encourages discovery, and keeping users interested and informed.

We established an information architecture strategy that conveyed the company story in a clear, digestible manner in order to generate user journeys favorable to information discovery. By bringing Verified Work's premium positioning to life on the new digital presence, Big Drop provided engaging content and animation to build the image of a strong, women-led company.

After implementing a seamless information architecture strategy, the Big Drop team created a clean foundation for content. With a new, invigorating look and feel, Verified Work’s website was able to remain visually engaging with dynamic custom illustrations and select interactive features. Through the use of iconography and other multimedia elements, we were able to break up text and keep users engaged, informed, and on the site longer.

When focusing on lead generation, we created a user experience that clearly articulates VW’s capabilities, catering to all audience members that double as guiding users toward conversion. Through the usage of proof points and a strong client portfolio, in addition to robust information architecture, Big Drop was able to evoke a sense of brand credibility and excitement from audience members, keeping users engaged as they are pathed toward the Start a Project CTA and eventual conversion.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide VerifiedWork’s with a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generation machine. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation, and visually pleasing designs; Big Drop created a digital experience that showcasaes VerifiedWork’s “​​Real relationships” and “Real results”.


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