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Optimum Website Design and Development

Optimum is a premier provider of cable, internet, and TV solutions. Specializing in providing enhanced connectivity, faster speeds, reliable services, and innovative products that make the customer's lives simpler and easier.

More than a Cable Provider

Optimum needed a website that reflected its new brand identity while repositioning itself in the market as more than a cable, phone, and internet provider. Facing an evolving market, Optimum was looking to educate and convert a millennial audience that was no longer interested in traditional cable television but more so modern solutions to satiate their demand for mobile content like streaming services. They needed a robust digital presence that drives users down the sales funnel with engaging content and striking visuals without forfeiting functionality and ease of use.

We partnered with Optimum on its new site to create a streamlined modern presence that adhered to its new brand identity and encapsulated its full value prop to new and returning consumers alike.

To improve on-site engagement and nurture the sales funnel, we utilized Adobe Target. This integration creates a personalized experience for the user based on their data and behavior. This ensures the content is segmented and optimized for conversions.

Our team conducted over 35 stakeholder interviews, spending multiple days discussing and dissecting each pain point that the organization was facing. We immersed ourselves in the world of our clients, creating clear communication on any and all challenges that could arise during the design and development phase of our work.

To reaffirm the brand’s commitment to reinvention and to appeal to a younger audience we focused on creating a state-of-the-art mobile experience for millennials. Focusing on creating a site that was visually engaging, easy to navigate, and updating the brand identity for a sleeker look and feel for those already acquainted with Optimum.

Through extensive R&D from interviews, numerous iterations of wireframes, and initial designs we delivered a comprehensive solution that is light-years ahead of the competition. Keeping in mind one of the paramount project goals, giving the site a massive facelift while still conveying the new branding as the company moves towards "Altice" and away from Optimum.


Client Success

"Tonight’s deployment was a success! Thank you so much to you and your teams for all of your hard work and support in making this a reality, it was a tremendous effort."
Danielle Phelan Manager of Website Operations Altice USA

1.6 million website visitors per month

4% revenue growth year-over-year

4.12 million broadband internet subscribers

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