Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a key component that lays the foundation for your next step. Brand strategy is beyond just a color palette or cool logo. A long-lasting brand involves several aspects, such as a core messaging statement, brand pillars, brand personality, and a brand archetype. If you want to create a brand that lasts in the long run, you need to include these factors.

Importance of brand strategy

When you create a strong and impactful brand strategy, you can easily ensure brand consistency, which will make you one of the trustworthy and reliable brands in the minds of your customers. Therefore, the brand strategy is a vital component that helps you understand your business and improve it by adopting suitable brand strategies. It is important to know how you position your firm before redesigning a website or executing a digital campaign to engage with your users, including your target audience.

What do you get at Big Drop?

At Big Drop, we engage with our clients and work collaboratively to uncover their brand’s truth and core values and drive deep into their position in the market. It is important to consider these values as it helps position your business in the competitive market. We perform in-depth research to help you understand: your present market situation, what you can offer your target audience, your target market, and your competitor’s strategies. We develop engaging brand strategies that are also challenging and important to help our partners develop an impactful and authentic brand.

Why should you trust us?

At Big Drop, clients get a complete brand blueprint by the end of their branding engagement with our company. We provide clients with a comprehensive analysis and report relating to research findings, brand archetype, core messaging, brand personality, brand pillars, and other discoveries. With this blueprint, you can lay a strong foundation for your brand. With the help of the blueprint that we give you, your team members can know all the ins and outs of your business and brand.


Our dedicated team helps you create a reliable and trustworthy identity for your brand. We come with design-oriented, sustainable solutions so that your brand can reach out to a large number of people and can expand in the long run. We have collaborated with top brands and businesses and have assisted them in developing brand strategies. One example is Palladium group which has teamed with us to offer an enhanced shopping experience to their users using our branding solutions.

We helped create a trustworthy brand identity for this protocol company for currency exchanges where traders have complete control of their assets.


We are working with this integrated development company to create a strong web presence and appealing web design.

Palladium Group

We have helped this brand reach out to its audience and showcase its vintage collection. We helped the brand by offering suitable strategies to expand their business.

Sika Collection

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