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Client-focused. Collaborative. Comprehensive. Big Drop makes sense of your complicated web development and digital marketing needs and turns them into actionable plans. Creating digital experiences that build trust. Encourage engagement. And build your business.

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Our clients include some of the most well-known national corporations, as well as mid-sized and start-up businesses in the telecom, finance, health and technology industries. See how we’ve helped them with their web design and development, brand building and UX/UI strategies.

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Our Capabilities

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Stakeholder/User Research & Discovery for Web Design in Los Angeles

Your customers are more than two-dimensional personas on a piece of paper. They have real worries. Real needs. Real dreams. And they want you to connect with them on their level.

At Big Drop we are driven by a single core belief:

Data-driven web design and development that puts people first is the best way to connect businesses with their target market on a deep, meaningful level.

But before that can happen, you need to know the who, what, how, and why of your website.

  • Who is your website for?
  • Why are they on your site and what do they need from it?
  • What do you want them to do?
  • How does your website make their lives better?
  • What has been your benchmark for success and what do you want that to look like going forward?
  • What is preventing users from doing what they/you want them to do on the site and how can we make it easier?

To get these answers, we’ll take a deep dive into your business and test your assumptions.

Think you know all your customer segments? Or where all your leads are coming from?

We’ll uncover and analyze every bit of data there is to collect. Then use our findings to build a holistic, multi-channel strategy for your online presence. From website design and brand development to social media marketing and email marketing.

What does the research process look like?

01. Stakeholder Interviews

  • Who are the project stakeholders?
  • What does each stakeholder department need the website to do?\
  • What are their Key Performance Indicators?
    • Leads?
    • Online sales?
    • Increased engagement and time on site?

02. Customer User Research

  • Google Analytics.
    • How long do users spend on your site?
    • Where do they enter and what is the bounce rate?
    • What does the typical journey through your site look like?
  • Heat mapping.
    • What does the user experience on each page look like?
    • Which links are they clicking on?
    • Where are they lingering?
  • User reviews.
    • Are users satisfied with their site visit?
    • Did they accomplish their goal or do they express frustration?
    • What do users say could be improved?

03. Traffic Acquisition Analysis

  • Where does your web traffic come from?
    • Organic?
    • Paid?
    • Social media?
    • Email marketing?
  • What are some untapped traffic sources?

04. Competitor Analysis

  • Who are your competitors, what does their online presence look like and what are or aren’t they doing well that we can learn from?
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You can have the most epic product or service. One that’s guaranteed to help customers achieve their goals. But if they can’t navigate your website or get the information they need or figure out how to make a purchase, they’ll bounce.

The success of your business begins and ends with their user experience. That’s as true of your online presence as it is of your offline customer service.

Want to connect with your target audience on an emotional level?

Want to increase onsite engagement or grow online sales?

You need a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) that’s clear, easy to use and delivers on their expectations.

And that takes a deep understanding of user behavior, not guesswork.

At Big Drop, everything our web development Los Angeles team does is grounded in extensive user research and analysis, as well as our widespread knowledge of industry and web design trends.

It’s just one of the reasons we’re the best web design company in Los Angeles.

How do we optimize the User Experience?

An excellent user experience has four core elements.

01. Usability
How easy is your site to use? Does it do what your customers expect and want it to do? To ensure the answer to both questions is yes, we use a suite of analytical tools to research, visualize and map out the best user experience for your specific customers

02. Design
While UX goes beyond pretty visuals, an attractive website builds credibility. And, when based on the emotional needs of your users, the right images and color scheme can put your users in the “right” frame of mind to receive your message.

03. Accessibility
Is your site ADA compliant? The last thing you want to do is exclude potential customers because they can’t use your site.

04. Speed
Does your site load fast enough? Slow sites are one of the most commonly cited reasons for a bad user experience.

What is Big Drop’s core UX proficiencies?

We are experts in the following User Experience requirements:

  • User Flow Analysis
  • Interface Design
  • Workflow Design
  • Conversion Mapping
  • Visual Design

Why is User Interface design important?

An intuitive, easy-to-use user interface is the foundation for a good user experience.

No number of appealing visuals, accessibility features and lightning-fast page load times will make a difference if your customers can’t figure out how to use your site.

A good user interface provides obvious navigation. So, site visitors can flow from the point of entry to the next logical step easily without wiping out.

Big Drop believes that the user experience is at the heart of all great web design and development.

Our exhaustive user research and analysis methodology, combined with our superb user interface design skills make us your best bet for high-caliber web design in Los Angeles.

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Website Design in Los Angeles

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence. All roads lead to it and it can make or break your relationship with a potential customer.

That’s why Big Drop ensures that your site maintains the balance between scientific analysis and human-driven empathy. Between design and functionality. Between your users’ needs and your business goals.

We blend technology, creativity and user research to create websites that engage visitors, drive conversions, rank well within search results and take your brand to new digital heights.

It’s what makes our designs award winning. And why we’re able to deliver on your vision and your goals like no other web design agency.

What’s behind Big Drop’s award-winning web design services?

Simply, we believe that the best web design puts users first, while combining compelling aesthetics, an easy-to-navigate user interface and cutting-edge technology.

Just want a pretty web design in LA? Los Angeles businesses have plenty of options.

But attractive, surface-level websites aren’t why our clients choose us. And it’s not why we’ve won more than 30 web design awards.

We go beyond the surface at Big Drop. Because visual flare isn’t enough. To win the hearts and business of your customers, you need more than just a pretty face.

We build sites that incorporate the full range of your user, business and industry needs …. And also look great!

But it all starts with research and analysis.

  • Who are your customers and what do they need from your website?
  • What are your business’ key performance indicators?
  • What is the most efficient way to move users through your website and drive conversions?

Without the answers to these questions, we can’t even begin to think about the creative direction for your visual design.

How collaborative is the design process?

That’s entirely up to you. While we hope you’ll take full advantage of our robust experience and knowledge, we welcome your ideas and involvement. From start to finish.

The best websites are the result of a productive exchange of ideas.

Once we know who your users are and what you’re trying to accomplish, we’ll work with you on the design. Through careful consultation, we’ll find out what your tastes are. Do you want a modern, streamlined look or a lavish multimedia presence?

It’s your guidance that keeps us on track.

Our only goal is to meet your vision and your needs. Whether we’re helping you evolve your brand. Or building a cutting-edge website with video production and mobile app.

Will our site be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely, yes.

With more than 50% of global web traffic coming from cell phones, your website needs to be mobile-friendly to be effective. Phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop — we’ll make sure your site automatically resizes without losing any of its content, design, or functionality.

Whether your customers are browsing your site from their desk in a Financial District skyscraper or checking it out while grabbing grub in Beverly Hills, they’ll get the full experience.

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Web Development in Los Angeles

What would L.A. be without its Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame, sandy Santa Monica beach and abundance of waiter-slash-actors?

Just like any other city, right?

But what Angeleno wants to be just like any anything!

We hear you. In a city where people strive to stand out, a distinctive website is important.

Your Business, Your Users

Designing and developing a website is always a challenge. To make the process easier, some web design companies work off of templates.

But that’s not how you get a truly customized online presence.

At Big Drop, we have developed a research-based, human-first process that allows us to create tailor made websites, built from the ground up, to satisfy your unique business needs.

You have ambitious goals. We have the development expertise to meet them.

Just want a simple facelift of your web design in LA? Los Angeles has other companies for that.

But if you’re looking to create an agile, feature-rich website based on in-depth analysis of who you’re creating your site for and what you want your users to be able to do?

That’s what you get when you work with Big Drop.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of data analysts, web developers, creative designers, digital marketers and search results specialists promise you an edge over your competition.

What is Big Drop’s website development process?

We start with the who, what, why and how of your industry, your business and your key objectives.

01. Who – We begin by identifying who will be using your website, including internal stakeholders, current customers and your target market.

02. Why – We look next at what drives your users’ behavior. Why are they on your site? Or why have they chosen your competition? We’ll take a look at what the industry trends are and talk to company stakeholders. We’ll dive deep to determine why some elements of your current website are effective and others aren’t.

03. What – With our research to guide us, we’ll plan out a comprehensive blueprint to meet all your company’s key objectives. We’ll determine what the user experience needs to look like, what the key features of your site need to be and which, if any add-ons, will help you reach your goals faster.

04. How – How we do everything we’ve mapped out comes last, during the development and execution phases. Do you need a content management system? Video production? Mobile apps? Our team of designers and developers will build sophisticated and custom elements that deliver on your brand promise and drive business.

Can Big Drop do e-commerce?

Whether your customers spend their days surfing at Redondo Beach, working behind the counter at Starbucks or power lunching at The Grill on the

Alley, you can guarantee them an in-store experience on the go.

To ensure your e-commerce experience is clean, you’ll need a strong user interface, lightning-fast page loads and mobile responsive design.

As the best company for web development in Los Angeles, we’ll ensure no step is omitted.

Whether you need to sync up with WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify. Or need a customer retention plan that includes abandoned cart and retargeting tools. We’ve got the expertise to get it done.

Check out our portfolio to see what the best web design company in Los Angeles can do for you.

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Digital Marketing in Los Angeles

If anyone knows the power of marketing, it’s Angelenos. Whether you work in the Industry or not.

Want to generate some buzz for your business?

Then you’ll need a digital marketing agency that excels at connecting you with the right target market, at the right time, with the right message.

At Big Drop, we understand that your brand is more than a logo or color scheme. It’s the customer’s perception of your company. It’s how you make them feel. And the trust they put in you.

Whether you need a full-service marketing agency for all your branding, SEM and SEO, social media, or content and email marketing needs. Or you’re looking to supplement your in-house team. Big Drop has the expertise to help.

Our team of digital marketers, designers, developers and creatives can customize a cross-channel marketing plan that is backed by data and driven by your specific goals. Because we know, one size doesn’t fit all.

Capabilities at our marketing agency in Los Angeles include:

  • Branding
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO/Search Results
  • Email marketing
  • SEM/Lead gen
  • Content Marketing

What do you mean by a cross-channel marketing plan?

Digital marketing is more than the sum of its parts.

To be successful you need to create a digital ecosystem, with platform-specific marketing strategies that work together to create a holistic brand perception.

That means blending pieces of the puzzle together. Your branding must match your social media marketing. Your content marketing needs to pair with your SEM. Your email marketing must complement your SEO.

At Big Drop, we’re experts at creating comprehensive digital marketing strategies across multiple platforms, that capture, engage and convert your target market.

Even better? Our marketing plans are designed to complement our award-winning web design and development.

Our promise to you? A personal, customized approach that accurately assesses and creatively responds to your business needs and target market, whether you want to focus on branding, social media engagement, SEO and search results, or all three.

It’s what makes us the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Market Research, Collaborate, Strategize, Execute, Optimize.

Similar to our development and design services, our time-tested, five-step process gets you in front of your target market, builds brand credibility and trust, and inspires people to take the action you want.

Working together, we’ll identify your most important short- and long-term goals based on your user needs and stakeholder objectives. Then build a human-first, multi-channel marketing plan that puts you on the road to success.

But we don’t stop at putting you on the road to success. We’ll monitor your progress and adjust the strategy to steadily improve your ROI.

Are you ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? Team up with the best web design company in Los Angeles by contacting us today.

Success Stories

Big Drop helped us reimagine our web presence. We collaborated on the best approach to using our website to attract visitors and capture leads. They were a true partner and listened while giving us the full benefit of their experience. We could not be happier with the finished product!
Chief Strategy Officer JConnelly
I have been working with Big Drop for about a year now, their redesign for our website was beautiful and interactive. Their project managers for both design and development were very easy to work with and had amazing response time for changes that needed to be made. I would highly recommend!
Digital Project Manager Moroccanoil
Undertaking the design and development of a new website is always a challenge, but Big Drop knows the process inside and out and steers their clients artfully. They were knowledgeable and made great recommendations based on users' habits and industry trends.
Marketing Manager Miller Kaplan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Big Drop instead of a different web design agency in Los Angeles?

We’d like to tell you it’s because of our extensive experience in user research, information architecture and visual design.

We’ve won more than 30 design awards for our site builds and work with some of the biggest names in the United States, like Citigroup, Samsung and AMC.

We want to say it’s because no one has as comprehensive an offering as ours.

We’re a full-service web development and digital marketing agency with the ability to take care of every aspect of your online presence from your website, search results and e-commerce to your email, content and social media marketing.

But really, our clients hire us because at our core we’re people pleasers. We’re driven by the need to ensure that your users, whether external customers or internal stakeholders, get what they need from your web presence.

It’s what makes us the best web design company in Los Angeles and why our clients come back to us again and again.

Can you audit our existing visual identity and/or information architecture to better communicate our industry expertise?

Yes! Our Culver City-based office works with lots of companies on their visual branding, as well as their information architecture and user interface designs. It’s a core part of our website design services. But we go beyond a simple audit of what you have and telling you what is and is not working.

For New York City-based Movement Strategy, a social media-focused creative agency, we conducted comprehensive user R&D in parallel with branding exercises to determine what direction the agency needed to go with its new branding.

Additionally, we shifted the company’s existing information architecture strategy to provide users with multiple opportunities to engage with their content.

Which industries does Big Drop have experience working with?

The best web design company in Los Angeles, Big Drop has worked with businesses in many industries, from finance, technology and retail to healthcare, media and nonprofits.

Our clients include California-based companies such as the public accounting firm Miller Kaplan and hair and body care experts Moroccanoil Inc., along with nationally known brands like Bank of China and AMC.

Among our Fortune 500 clients you’ll find Citigroup, as well as Altice, a leading broadband Internet, cable and phone service provider for several states.

We’ve got a wealth of tech experience, including dozens of SaaS companies, large and small, to businesses doing cutting-edge work in the fields of AI and machine learning.

Some of our proudest moments come from helping make the world a better place. For the Maui Ocean Center we used simplified navigation and purposeful animation to educate visitors about Hawaiian marine life, beach cleanups and the importance of conservation.

Most of our customers are in Southern California? Do you offer localized marketing services?

Absolutely. Whether you want to target just Los Angeles, all of SoCal or need a national audience, we can create an effective marketing strategy to get you in front of your customers.

We’ll start with an audit of what you’ve already got in place to determine what’s working and where you’re missing out on opportunities. Do you already have an engaged local audience that we can amplify? Or do we need to start from the bottom up?

Once you’ve got an audience to market to, we’ll create a multi-channel plan that includes locally-focused content marketing, ad campaigns and post promotions.

In a highly competitive market like Los Angeles, your marketing plan will likely include SEO and paid search results (SEM). With SEM, we’ll get your ad in front of the right people to drive qualified traffic to your business faster.