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Altice Mobile

Altice Mobile Website Design and Development

Altice Mobile, a subsidiary of Altice USA, is a new mobile network that delivers advanced LTE coverage. With ‘Unlimited Everything -- data, talk, and text nationwide, consumers get fast and reliable mobile coverage wherever they are.

Disrupting the Mobile Carrier Market

Altice Mobile was a brand new carrier in the already crowded market for mobile providers. They needed a solution that would introduce the service to a broader audience and acquire users. This included a website that could support users looking to switch carriers, purchase phones, and learn more about its offerings. They needed a comprehensive solution to create a strategic, cost-effective way to go to market.

Approaching the go-to-market strategically, our Front-End Designers and Developers began mapping out a simplified UX design to engage prospective consumers naturally with the new brand. Our Search Engine Marketing team developed an in-depth Search & Gmail strategy, pushing custom messaging to users through intelligent audience targeting. We combined market research with existing customer data to create hyper-targeted ads while ensuring the account remained cost-efficient given a limited budget.

Testing custom messaging using Altice Mobile’s core brand pillars to determine which messaging resonated most with certain audiences

Serving Gmail ads featuring top-selling devices to users within the Altice Mobile footprint to increase gross ads

We utilized the following innovative integrations for a future-proof digital experience: Adobe DTM, Contentful, React code to manage quick updates to the UI, and more

Adhering to a strict deadline and collaborating closely with Altice Mobile’s internal teams, we were able to launch the new website with a strong paid advertising strategy to support the new brand.

Altice Mobile

In three months, we achieved 21,500 new line sign-ups. Shortly after, we brought down the cost per order confirmation by over 72%, while increasing our click to order ratio by almost 3x. Additionally, the account served over 23M impressions, significantly increasing brand awareness.

550k clicks
22.2M impressions

148k clicks
1M impressions

698k clicks
23.2M impressions

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