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The Out of Home Advertising Association of America, OAAA, unites a responsible Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry and serves the needs of advertisers, consumers, and communities in key strategic areas. OAAA’s mission is to be a passionate advocate and a progressive thought leader that protects, unites and advances the interests of the OOH advertising industry.

Accelerating the OOH Revolution

OAAA seeked the help of Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing website. The goal was to create a site optimal for members and prospective members to navigate and find content ranging from events to membership information.

In bringing its new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of OAAA’s authority and voice of the OOH industry. The website would be built to be visually appealing with a modern look and feel to grab users’ attention; promoting the responsible growth of OOH that’s fueled by smart data, digital technology, unrelenting innovation, and an exciting vision for the future.

To create optimal user journeys, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveyed information about memberships, news & events, policy & advocacy, and resources in a clear, digestible manner. By bringing OAAA’s premium positioning into fruition on the new digital presence, Big Drop provided updated and engaging content that balances and serves all members' interests and provides the tools, resources, and support members need.

Then, in order to maintain visual appeal, we concentrated on developing dynamic custom graphics. We divided the material into manageable components and kept readers interested and informed by incorporating iconography and other multimedia features.

When focusing on website efficiency, a primary objective for OAAA was to create a user experience that clearly articulates capabilities to audience members and guides users toward conversion. Through the use of the updated navigation and search, members are now able to intuitively find what they are looking for and if they can’t, they can search for it.

Big Drop created a robust digital presence that meets customers’ needs and wants. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation, and resource discovery; Big Drop created a digital experience for OAAA that unites a responsible OOH advertising industry and serves the needs of advertisers, consumers, and communities in key strategic areas.


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