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medsrv new logo and name

MedSrv offers expertise to providers and patients to better help them navigate the medical billing environment. They believe integrity, compassion, and education are the most efficient tools for successful Revenue Cycle Management.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Experts

Medical Services, now known as MedSrv through our branding engagement, was looking to rebrand and redesign its current digital presence. The goal of this engagement was to create an online presence that clearly articulated MedSrv’s highly respected and trusted ranking in the industry. In addition, it was important to keep the website client-focused; showcasing MedSrv’s importance in striving for excellent patient services.

By emphasizing MedSrv’s customer service, revenue cycle management, and cash management; Big Drop set out to highlight MedSrv’s mission, services, and values through branding, website, and other materials for (1) current and potential clients, (2) consumers, and (3) current and potential employees – with respect to user experience, tone, content, and education.

We established an information architecture approach that effectively communicated MedSrv’s story and services in order to design user journeys that encouraged information discovery. The company’s founding and legacy were carried through with an updated logo and website. As a result, the new digital presence exhibited a modern visual language that motivates clients and customers to have confidence in the company as a reliable industry leader.

After implementing an information architecture strategy that would create a clean foundation for content, we then focused on top-notch customer service. We created a digital presence that showcases an adaptable approach that simplifies patient financial services with technology integration and multi-channel communication, demonstrating the highest degree of compliance, consumer consideration, and data analysis.

When focusing on lead generation, it was important for MedSrv to build employee engagement content that encourages employee engagement, drives recruiting efforts, and showcases company culture, career paths, and benefits. In addition, a goal of this engagement was to make sure external communications conveyed proactive long-term partnerships based on trust, respect, and a company that demonstrates a commitment to patients.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide MedSrv with a robust digital presence that focuses on revenue cycle management and other services; Big Drop created a digital experience for MedSrv that showcases their support to healthcare organizations, emphasizing their focus resources on patient care.


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