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Content Room is AMC Network’s in-house creative collective that fosters innovation and creativity by bringing together ambitious brands with AMC’s talented roster. This dynamic and insightful space is designed to facilitate co-creation and approach fan communities through storytelling, resulting in the expansion of the universes of visionary franchises in modern entertainment.

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AMCN embarked on a new and exciting venture when creating Content Room, a platform to showcase AMCN’s impressive in-house work. To create an exceptional calling card that would leave a lasting impression on potential clients and agencies, AMC sought the expertise of Big Drop. The primary objective was to generate buzz and excitement around the exceptional work AMC has produced and provide an accessible platform for clients and agencies to view it.

When tasked with bringing the Content Room to life, Big Drop approached the project with a focus on highlighting AMCN's unique strengths, which included their co-creation process, deep fan engagement, and immersive storybuilding.

To create user journeys conducive to information discovery, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveys co-creation, deep fandom, and storybuilding; creating a multifaceted space where creators, talent, and brands can partner with Content Room to craft genuine stories and experiences.

To showcase AMCN's co-creation process, Big Drop incorporated interactive elements throughout the platform, allowing viewers to engage with the content in a more hands-on manner. This approach not only allowed for a more captivating experience but also highlighted the collaborative nature of AMCN's work.

To effectively demonstrate Content Room's capabilities to all audiences, it was crucial to highlight the exceptional knowledge and understanding of their highly-invested communities. Content Room is dedicated to exploring rich resources alongside you, and for you, and it was our job at Big Drop to make sure the website reflects that.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Content Room with a robust digital presence that doubles as a cutting-edge calling card. By showcasing Content Room’s capabilities, work, and hype; Big Drop created a digital experience for Content Room built to connect ambitious brands and AMCN’s roster of groundbreaking talent.

AMC Content Room

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