Visual Identity

Your visual identity is how you stand apart from your competitors. It influences how consumers perceive your brand, sometimes, before they even engage with it. After all, every brand isn’t for everyone.

  • Signature, how people understand your brand
  • Visual language
  • Execution on brand strategy
  • Fits with an overall message

What We Do

At Big Drop, we help you identify who you are and who you want to appeal to. From there, we work to understand your brand personality and help unveil your emotional appeal. We’ll help you choose a color palette using color psychology; select your typography, and create a unique logo (or refresh your current one).

  • Brief – collaborative effort, work with the client to understand  challenges + initiatives
  • Begin ideation, brainstorm raw ideas (color, fonts, symbols) and develop into rich concepts
  • Prototype to help understand their logo contextually – world, targets, etc.

Why Choose Us

We push for brand consistency and creativity. But, we won’t tell you who you are or who you should be. Through various visual identity exercises, we’ll work with you to uncover what makes your brand unique. You’ll be left with a clear and fresh identity that’ll let employees, customers and everyone in between know who you are.

  • If your visual identity is well balanced, you’re more memorable

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