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Your brand’s visual identity dramatically influences how your clients perceive your company and how they engage with your brand. At our company, Big Drop, we assist you in identifying your brand’s position in the competitive market and your target audience. We devote time and work collaboratively with you to understand all information related to your brand and then make strategies to make an emotional appeal. For example, our expert team members help you choose a color palette with the help of color psychology, and then choose your color and develop a unique logo for your brand.

What do we offer our customers?

With us, you get assistance with inconsistency as well as creativity. However, we will not tell you what you should turn into and who you are present. We will collaborate with you on different visual identity practices and help you uncover the truths and core values of your brand that make you unique and stand out in the market. When you get professional help from our expert team of designers, you get your brand’s fresh and unmistakable identity. This new visual identity can allow customers, employees, and others to know what your brand is all about.

What are our projects in visual identity practices?

Our team is fully committed and has partnered with many innovative brands and companies to create a strong web presence that is impactful and appealing to the audience. Our visual identity exemplifies athleticism and the artistry of fashion, glamour, and ballet in fitness, well-being, and everyday life. We have created a digital presence for brands that has boosted staff morale and even improved the workplace environment and the surrounding culture.

Why should you partner with us to create an impactful identity for your brand?

We have helped in visual identity practices for brands to enable them to garner the attention of their targeted audience. Our team has enabled the business to connect to its clients and create a strong brand identity to survive in the industry for a long time. We allow our clients to create a unique brand identity. We then take measures to implement their visual identity to strengthen their web presence. When you have the expert assistance of our team, then you need not worry about everything as we do in-depth research to design your brand identity. For this, we take the help of our expert creative team. We define your brand’s core values and enable you to build a strong personality for your brand so that your users can invest in your product or services.

We develop a site to offer highly effective tools for health, fitness performance, and beauty in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Ballet Beautiful

Like the self-sufficient solar-powered water condenser, our team helped transform the human relationship to water through a freshly designed eCommerce platform and app.


Creating a web presence that delivers an assortment of snacks to your office, improving workplace culture, and boosting employee morale

Variety Fun

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