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Design: Building Better Brands

Dec 8, 2022
Creative and Branding
by Sydney Frenkel
design branding

Branding, and more specifically website design within branding, encompasses all of the visual components used by your company, from the logo and fonts on your site to the signature at the bottom of your email. As a result, it is absolutely necessary to take any business to the next level.

The average person takes less than one-tenth of a second to process visual scenes. We can recognize a symbol in just 150 milliseconds, and 100 milliseconds later, we can give it meaning. When compared to reading text, which most people do at a rate of 200 to 250 words per minute, this isn’t just much faster, it is significantly faster. If we can even fathom the iota of time a millisecond actually takes, we can reasonably conclude that the amount of time to make a connection with your audience is, for all intents and purposes, immediate. But, how do you do it?  

Your visual brand design is the representation of who you are to the world. It’s the character of your company and reflects your company’s mission, goals, and intentions. In a world where everything is digital, (and digital is everything) a company’s branding must stand out from its competition. While we’ll always emphasize the value of quality content, an audience is first drawn to your brand by its visual appeal. You can gain the following 5 competitive advantages by using effective visual brand design:

1. Brand Value

Well-executed branding connotes reputation. To put it simply, a ClipArt logo and an ancient website seldom, if ever, innovative thinking and trust. 

A logo, while important, is but one piece of the puzzle. Similar to the construction of a house, a good brand is built on a strong foundation. A meaningful brand experience is the culmination of many different pieces that come together to support a whole, factoring in elements such as the brand’s mission, vision, tone of voice, personality, and so on. In today’s visually cluttered world, having a strong brand is a key component in being able to transcend the white noise of the broader marketplace. Users have more choices than ever, being constantly bombarded with offerings, and are paying close attention to what a brand stands for. This presents an opportunity for brands to ensure they are speaking in an authentic voice and reflecting values that align with that of their users.”

Nic Casey, Big Drop’s Creative Director

A great example of perceived value in a company’s visual branding is Nylas.

nylas mascot and logo

In order to create a perceived value in Nylas’s rebrand, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveyed the new logo, brand identity, and visual appeal in a way that created a friendlier look and feel. The Nylas mark, a comet, is representative of what the organization offers its clients: blasting productivity and efficiency into the stratosphere and igniting their client’s workflows with rocket fuel. 

2. Brand Unity

Strong visual identities create cohesion and unity. Consumers will quickly and readily recognize brands that maintain a consistent and clear presence throughout all marketing platforms (social media, website, email newsletters, etc).

A lack of unified visual brand identity inevitably elicits confusion; 

As humans, consumers possess categorical thinking as a necessary defense and safety mechanism, which, when challenged, is the catalyst for uncertainty and ultimately hesitation. Translated to the world of digital: inappropriate, or undesired action or downright inaction. The consistency, or in some cases lack thereof, of a brand’s presence can be considered an invitation to either move towards or away from whatever it is that is being considered; effectively establishing the biological imperative for having a consistent brand.”

James Weiss, Big Drop’s Senior Director

See the following example of Dataiku’s visual branding.


One of our clients, Dataiku, does a great job of exemplifying brand unity. During this project, we were able to find their voice, refine their message, and maintain a cohesive visual style. With multiple website domains, it was important for Dataiku’s brand unity to be strong and recognizable. Whether a visitor is on or their presence does a great job of establishing a dependable brand experience.

3. Brand Recognition

By continuously delivering your audience a consistent visual experience, you will increase brand identification. Referring to unity once more, maintaining a consistent visual brand identity helps your brand become more recognizable over time. This establishes credibility and trust, not to mention priority within the marketplace. 

citi logo

Another one of our clients, Citi is a prime example of a brand with great recognition. With operations in over 160 countries, Citi-branded and strategic co-branded credit cards across different markets serve to consolidate the bank’s presence as the world’s largest issuer. 

4. Brand Differentiation 

Standing apart from the competition is perhaps one major reason to invest in quality visual brand design. Case and point:  there are thousands of professional services companies that all have the exact same offerings that saturate the marketplace with innumerable options from which to choose. How can one determine who’s who?

Look at this screenshot we grabbed from a Google image search of “Security-As-A-Service logos.” Notice a trend? Do any of these logos stand out to you? Sometimes differentiating yourself from competition means thinking outside the shield.

Let’s look at Purple Knight (PK) as an example. PK knew that it wanted to differentiate itself from the competition and create a community around its value proposition and complimentary offering. Together, we created a new brand that properly defined Purple Knight and set them apart from other cybersecurity companies.

pk logo

PK took the time to invest in a new visual brand design and to unify its business by undergoing a company-wide overhaul of its branding. 

5. Good Brand Design Inspires Pride

A visual brand that is created with meaning and sound strategy behind it helps demonstrate its true quality, leading to more pride from within (and without) the company. Consumers will recognize and appreciate the commitment you make to your business’s success and can feel confident that your company will deliver the same passion when it comes to servicing their needs. 

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