Schrödinger's cutting-edge computational platform, driven by the principles of physics, is revolutionizing the discovery of therapeutics and materials, making future innovations attainable today.

Schrödinger's corporate website revamp and rebrand
Project Overview

Big Drop embarked on a transformative journey with Schrödinger, a computational platform at the forefront of molecular discovery. The mission was to completely revamp and rebrand Schrödinger's corporate website, focusing on design and coding using WordPress as the CMS. The goal was to provide a faster, mobile-friendly, and navigable site, ensuring a seamless experience for diverse audiences.

Science, Innovations
Web Design, Development, UX/UI Design

Schrödinger sought a website overhaul to address speed, mobile optimization, and navigational enhancements. The challenge was to balance the diverse objectives outlined by key stakeholders, including Nate's focus on performance, Michael's IT requirements, and James' intent-driven design vision.

Schrödinger website redesign by Big Drop
Improving Life Through Molecular Discovery

Improving Life Through Molecular Discovery

Powered by physics, accelerated by machine learning, and built on more than 30 years of R&D, Schrödinger’s computational platform gives you the tools to make innovations of the future achievable, today.

Schrödinger’scomputational platform redesign
Schrödinger’s icon design Schrödinger’s icon design Schrödinger’s icon design Schrödinger’s icon design Schrödinger’s icon design Schrödinger’s icon design
Research & Discovery

Big Drop initiated a thorough research phase, understanding Schrödinger's industry-leading position and its goals. The design process involved creating personas, optimizing the sitemap, and aligning with Schrödinger's brand guide to ensure a cohesive and purposeful outcome.

Schrödinger's website redesign and development

The solution encompassed a complete rebuild, transitioning to WordPress for a user-friendly content management system. The site was strategically split into four sections, catering to the corporate site, two software sites, and a dedicated site for both life and materials sciences.

The implementation strategically propels the brand forward, embodying a dynamic and progressive approach that fosters the brand's evolution and growth.

Schrödinger's solutions pages redesign
Visual Elements

Following an information architecture strategy, Big Drop enhanced Schrödinger's visual identity, incorporating custom illustrations and interactive features.

Primary Color System
Primary Color System
Primary Color System
Primary Color System
Primary Color System
Custom Fonts
Schrödinger's visual elements design
Website visual elements design by Big Drop

This not only improved UX/UI but also aligned with the brand's repositioning in a niche category.

Schrödinger's  website UX/UI design
Responsive Design

Leveraging a robust information architecture, the new site capitalized on Schrödinger's market knowledge, providing an intuitive and logical user experience. The emphasis was on creating a backend that empowered Schrödinger's team to build and edit pages independently.

Responsive Design for Events page
Responsive Design for Online Sertification page
Schrödinger's solutions pages design and development
Schrödinger's responsive website development
Schrödinger's responsive website development

The collaboration resulted in a comprehensive digital solution, addressing speed, mobile optimization, and navigational enhancements. The new site showcased Schrödinger's value proposition, expertise, and intent-driven design, leading to increased engagement.

The segmented approach to the site provided Schrödinger with a powerful lead-generation platform. The digital transformation solidified Schrödinger's position as an industry leader, contributing to its marketing and business development endeavors.

Schrödinger's website outcomes after redesign by Big Drop

Compounds scored with rigorous physics-based modeling


Total compounds synthesized


To discovery of development candidate

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