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Moroccanoil Website Design and Development

Ten years ago, Moroccanoil set out to disrupt what is now an $80+ billion dollar hair care industry. Since then, the brand has expanded from its signature product, Moroccanoil Hair Treatment, to a complete product line, salons, and now Moroccanoil Academy based in New York City.

Inspiring Tomorrow's Stylists

The Moroccanoil Academy website was originally developed as a simple landing page for aspiring stylists to sign up for the Academy's courses. As demand grew and the Academy expanded, they realized that stylists needed a better digital experience when signing up for the Academy. We partnered together to transform their website into a place where stylists could sign up for in-person classes and have vasts collection of educational inspiration at their fingertips.

Moroccanoil wanted to provide its loyal stylist community an online hub that centralized styling tips, how-to-videos, and product education. We conducted thorough market research, in-depth stakeholder interviews, and drew inspiration from current beauty and eCommerce trends.

Leveraging the WooCommerce platform and developing custom PHP code, we were able to create a best in class educational e-commerce experience. Effortlessly displaying course examples, preview their cutting edge studio space, and highlight Morrocanoil’s prestigious stylists.

Implementing a keen UX strategy, we curated a user journey that nurtured visitor engagement through rich media and an integrated social media feed, that funneled them into online and in-salon training.

Streamlining the massive amount of content, special attention was applied to the information architecture that allowed clear navigation points, easy consumption of messaging and recirculation points to related materials.

Navigation was organized into product groups, academy course types, and a robust digital library, all of which could be further filtered by hair type, product collection, and use categories. To ensure an easy and secure checkout, we integrated Paypal API for users booking courses on their mobile or desktop.


Moroccanoil Academy's website is future-proof, complete with an innovative design. The new website engages, inspires, and educates the ever-growing community of stylists loyal to the MoroccanOil brand.

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