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support design is a leading provider of customer and technical support solutions delivered by home-based employees, providing great results for global enterprise clients and top-tier businesses.

The Leaders in Customer & Technical Support Solutions approached Big Drop with the core objectives of establishing credibility, keeping prospective clients engaged, and increasing enthusiasm amongst employees regarding the company’s homesourcing strategy. Translating the visual identity onto the new site was key in showcasing credibility and’s personality that fits the homesourcing feel.

By reintroducing as a credible leader in the BPO industry, Big Drop set out to modernize’s visual identity with a new positioning, mission statement, vision and personality. By building on the company’s 20+ years of history, Big Drop was able to illustrate how’s dedicated homesourcing model is far better than the “forced-hybrid” model utilized by competitors.

In order to enhance user journeys, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveyed the use of purposeful content and design to position as a leader in the industry, highlighting the company's experience, history, thought leadership, and the benefits of the Home-Sourcing Model in an experiential & engaging manner. By bringing’s premium positioning to life within the new digital presence, Big Drop supported content strategy and copy development to present as a customer and technical support solutions provider that works with best-in-class brands from every industry.

After implementing an information architecture that created a unified corporate experience (combining & and a modernized visual identity, the updates in iconography and wordmark heavily reflected the new brand mission, vision and personality. By focusing on creative dynamic custom illustrations and visually engaging interactive features, we were able to break up text and keep users engaged, informed, and on the site longer.

When focusing on lead generation, a primary objective for was to provide intuitive user journeys, high performance, and a clean UX to excite prospective clients/employees. Through the use of content optimizations, Big Drop was able to establish credibility, support future growth, and provide a distinct balance between BPO/corporate and customer facing divisions for’s new digital presence.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide with a robust digital presence that differentiates them from competitors by emphasising their best-in-class technology. Through meaningful content usage, an ease of navigation and an increase in lead generation; Big Drop created a digital experience for that helped transform the way the company communicates its world-class support solutions.


15% increase in conversion

9% increase in page load speed

17% increase in on-site engagement

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