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MLG Capital is a direct real estate operator and private equity real estate investment firm focused on maximizing clients’ investment capital. With 35+ years of operating; MLG Capital’s track record of favorable returns has earned a strong reputation and following of thousands of satisfied investors across the USA.

Smart Real Estate Investments. Relationship Driven.

MLG Capital sought out the expertise of Big Drop to revamp and rebrand its current website, aiming to enhance its discoverability, streamline navigation, and create a cleaner and more interactive user experience. Additionally, there was a need to boost SEO, website traffic, and social media engagement.

When developing MLG Capital’s new digital presence, Big Drop aimed to highlight the true value of MLG Capital, which is preserving investors’ wealth and producing tax-advantaged income and appreciation over time through investment in private real estate. To achieve this, the website was designed to showcase MLG Capital’s investment advisors, acquisitions, and portfolio in a clear and engaging manner. The goal was to discover a means of personifying and portraying MLG Capital more effectively across its online channels.

To facilitate information discovery and create user journeys that effectively conveyed MLG Capital’s story and history, we devised an information architecture strategy that presented information in a digestible manner. By leveraging MLG Capital’s premium positioning and bringing it to life on the new digital platform, Big Drop provided updated branded content that helped cultivate the image of one of the long-term partners that work hard and add value.

Following the implementation of an information architecture strategy that established a tidy content foundation, we proceeded to revamp all branding collateral, encompassing the value proposition, typography, logo, color usage, and brand application. Our efforts included the creation of captivating custom illustrations that added dynamism to the site, as well as the incorporation of select interactive features. By infusing iconography and other multimedia elements, we successfully diversified the content format, keeping users engaged, informed, and on the site for extended periods.

One of the key goals for MLG Capital was to craft a user experience that effectively conveyed more comprehensive information about its identity and operations. To accomplish this, we capitalized on an extensive portfolio and a robust information architecture, which instilled a sense of excitement and credibility. By emphasizing MLG Capital’s strong market knowledge, we kept users engaged as they were guided toward the Get Started CTA and eventual conversion.

Big Drop delivered a comprehensive digital solution that established MLG Capital as a robust and compelling online presence. Our approach entailed the usage of impactful content, streamlined navigation, and resource discovery while optimizing best-in-class technology.

MLG Capital

±$5.8B Market Value

34,600 Apartment Units

40.8M Square Feet

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