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Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center Website Design and Development

Maui Ocean Center is a state-of-the-art, award-winning aquarium featuring Hawaiian marine life, Hawaiian endemic species, marine life presentations, educational interactive activities, coordinating green initiatives and projects, and more.

The Aquarium of Hawaii

Maui Ocean Center sought the help of Big Drop to redesign and reimagine its existing website. With the goal of creating a comprehensive digital presence with a more modern and immersive look & feel, we focused on providing an engaging UX/UI to support target audience members, information discovery, and conversions.

Previous to this engagement, Maui Ocean Center was utilizing a pre existing WordPress theme offering limited flexibility in terms of edits, performance, and navigation. Through this engagement we shifted to a custom WordPress theme, allowing the new website to better cater to the needs of the Maui Ocean Center team in addition to the needs of its end users.

In order to create user journeys conducive to information discovery, we went through extensive research and discovery to identify how to best meet the needs of audience members. With information discovery being crucial, we implemented a clean and intuitive site navigation to ensure users could find information easily, interact with content, and eventually convert.

After implementing an information architecture strategy that would create a clean foundation for content, we then focused on making the site more immersive. We optimized purposeful animation, motion design, and video content to keep users engaged when searching for information on the site. Additionally, we provided exciting design elements to bring the Maui Ocean Center brand, mission and visions to fruition; highlighting the brand story and narrative front and center.

With lead generation being a main focus, we provided Maui Ocean Center with user journeys built to help guide site visitors toward the “Buy Tickets” CTA. Through improved site speed and performance, updated site navigation, and mobile friendly design; this site is a conversion machine.

During this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Maui Ocean Center with an immersive digital presence that doubles as a lead generation tool and a robust information hub. Through purposeful animation usage, simplified navigation and resource discovery, and the optimization of best-in-class technology; the new Maui Ocean Center website is a success in promoting education, engagement, and conversions.

Maui Ocean Center

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