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LeanData is the gold standard in Revenue Orchestration, equipping today’s growth leaders with the fully integrated solution they need to thrive in the buyer-directed world of modern B2B selling.

Turning Buyer Signals Into Buying Decisions

LeanData was referred to Big Drop to revamp its current website. The primary objective was to enhance the visual identity and ensure consistency while also modernizing the site. Additionally, the goal was to improve the user experience by streamlining the information architecture and optimizing the copy.

Big Drop was determined to bring LeanData's new digital presence to life, with a focus on highlighting the true value of their platform and unique selling proposition to both potential and existing clients. With this goal in mind, the website was expertly crafted to showcase LeanData's capabilities, which are designed to maximize operational efficiency.

To achieve a seamless user experience and enable easy information discovery, Big Drop devised a comprehensive information architecture strategy. This strategy effectively communicated both the company and product stories in a clear and easily digestible manner, enabling users to navigate the website with ease. In line with LeanData's premium positioning, Big Drop created engaging content and animations that established the company as a category leader and highlighted its status as a top-tier SaaS solution provider serving leading brands from various industries; resulting in a compelling and modern digital presence that effectively conveys LeanData's value proposition and enhances its reputation as an industry leader.

In addition to implementing an information architecture strategy and creating dynamic custom illustrations, we also modernized the site by elevating the original flat design to a more motion-forward design. This was achieved through the use of animation and other interactive elements that added depth and movement to the overall user experience. By modernizing the site with motion design, we were able to further enhance the impact of the custom illustrations and multimedia elements that we had implemented earlier. This helped to create a cohesive and engaging user experience that kept users informed, entertained, and on the site longer.

With the shift towards motion design and improved user experience with streamlined information architecture and copy, we were able to create a more immersive and engaging experience for users. Instead of static images and text, users were now able to interact with the content in a more dynamic and engaging way. This not only increased user engagement but also helped to improve the overall user experience of the site. Big Drop was able to evoke a sense of brand credibility and excitement from audience members, keeping users engaged as they are pathed toward the Request a Demo CTA and eventual conversion.

Through this engagement, Big Drop delivered a robust digital presence for LeanData that also functions as a highly effective, lead generation machine. Through a combination of strategic content utilization, streamlined navigation, resource discovery, and the integration of cutting-edge technology; Big Drop crafted a digital experience for LeanData that showcases its platform built to transform the disconnected processes, siloed strategies, and rigid code that cause revenue breakdowns and slow growth.


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