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Treehouse California Almonds

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Treehouse California Almonds provides customers around the world with superior-quality almond products and ingredients that are sustainably grown, meticulously processed, and deliciously nutritious.

Pursuing the Perfect Almond Product

Treehouse California Almonds enlisted the expertise of Big Drop to revamp their existing website with a focus on creating a seamless user experience, while also elevating their position as an industry leader. The goal was to provide visitors with an intuitive, frictionless experience that not only highlighted Treehouse's top-notch products but also their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their business. Through close collaboration, Big Drop delivered a website that exceeded expectations and positioned Treehouse California Almonds as a standout brand in their industry.

In bringing Treehouse’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Treehouse; Treehouse is a small but big company. It is able to supply the world's largest customers while also delivering small-shop customer service and world-class food safety & quality. The website was designed with different audiences in mind, catering to their unique needs and ensuring that all types of customers visiting the website feel comfortable with how and where Treehouse Almonds come from.

In order to create user journeys conducive to information discovery, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveyed both the company story and the product story in a clear, digestible manner. By bringing Treehouse’s premium positioning into fruition on the new digital presence, Big Drop provided engaging content and animation to cultivate the image of a category leader and present Treehouse as a superior-quality almond, emphasizing its food & safety quality systems and sustainability.

To ensure a clean foundation for the website's content, we first implemented an effective information architecture strategy. Next, we took the user experience to the next level by creating dynamic custom illustrations that are visually engaging and interactive. By incorporating iconography and other multimedia elements, we were able to not only break up the text, but also keep users engaged, informed, and on the site longer. The result was a website that not only conveyed important information but also showcased a lively, dynamic design that captured visitors' attention and left a lasting impression.

When it came to lead generation, Treehouse had a clear objective in mind: to create a user experience that effectively communicated its capabilities to its audience and guided users toward conversion. To achieve this, we leveraged proof points and testimonials, along with a robust information architecture, to create a website that catered to the needs of different audiences. By providing relevant content and engaging users with a clear path toward the "Request a Quote" call-to-action, we were able to keep visitors engaged and interested, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. The result was a website that not only effectively conveyed Treehouse's value proposition, but also provided a seamless user experience that left a lasting impression on visitors.

Big Drop's collaboration with Treehouse California Almonds resulted in a stunning digital presence that expertly guides customers toward conversion. By utilizing purposeful content, intuitive navigation, and immersive animations, Big Drop crafted a digital experience that exudes superior quality and cutting-edge processing. The website showcases Treehouse California Almonds as a leading brand in their industry, thanks to the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology and visually striking design.

Treehouse California Almonds

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