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Crook & Marker

Crook & Marker Website Design and Development

Crook & Marker is the only spiked and sparkling beverage of its kind made with organic alcohol, zero sugar, and available in seven bold flavors. We collaborated with the brand, by Bai Antioxidant Beverage founder, Ben Weiss, to develop their digital nationwide go-to-market strategy.

Disrupting the Spiked Seltzer Market

Crook and Marker was a new brand in the spiked and sparkling beverage market, which is slated to be a near $3 billion industry by 2021. Understanding the nature of the beverage's seasonality and rising competition, we focused on building brand awareness nationally and driving consumers to their store locator page.

To introduce Crook & Marker to the market, we developed an omnichannel digital marketing strategy, spanning across social, search, and display. We combined third-party data and market research to develop four unique audiences and set out to test what brand messaging and creatives would most likely resonate, drive conversions, and revenue for the brand.

We collaborated with the Crook & Marker team to create assets based on both lifestyle & product imagery

Utilized messaging that highlighted the brand’s value proposition and competitive advantage but also aligned with what their audiences cared about the most

A/B tested creatives across all platforms to ensure optimized delivery and performance

The initial 30-day launch resulted in over 120 million brand impressions across search, social and display. Website traffic increased by over 1,000% and brand search queries skyrocketed, placing the brand in the top 3 most searched industry leaders.

30-Day Results:

216,000 impressions on Search

120 million impressions on Display

3.6 million impressions on Social Media

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