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Slomin's Website Design and Development

Founded in 1923, Slomin’s helps clients by providing a variety of products and services including home security, home heating, home cooling, and commercial products.

Providing Safety & Comfort

Slomin’s came to Big Drop with the primary objective of bringing their consultative sales cycle to fruition through a new digital presence to increase lead generation. Together, we helped Slomin’s create a virtual experience built to funnel prospects through the buying process, allowing for customers to buy and execute their transactions online without having to pick up the phone.

In providing a frictionless buyers journey, we focused on providing Slomin’s with a more modern and exciting look and feel. We implemented intuitive navigation, an improved user experience, and a seamless WordPress & WooCommerce integration to guide users toward information discovery and purchase decisions.

In prioritizing lead generation, we conducted in-depth research & discovery to identify the right prospects and send them through a virtual experience towards transaction. It was important to highlight why Slomin’s is superior to competition, and the information gathered during R&D allowed Big Drop to determine which content needed to be front and center to best encourage conversions, engagement, and overall purchase decisions.

In building out an effective content strategy to promote information discovery and conversion, it was important that the new Slomin’s digital presence provided clear pathways designed to educate users and highlight Slomin’s product catalog in a segmented manner. We learned that Slomin’s had a very consultative sales process with customers looking for several different products on the site. We therefore prioritized making the sales experience as personalized as possible, accounting for new customers in addition to existing cross selling opportunities.

In supporting a robust ecommerce experience we leveraged Woocommerce to power advanced sales functionality. In addition to a place for information discovery, the new Slomin’s digital presence had to allow users to view products with the ability to complete a transaction end to end without having to pick up the phone. By utilizing this plugin, Big Drop was able to provide a frictionless buying process to overall support the goal of increased conversion.

After weeks of collaboration with Slomin’s stakeholders, we provided Somin’s with a conversion-centered digital presence built for user engagement and product education. Through an improved user experience and a clear & intuitive UI design -- Big Drop created a website that would ensure users can easily find what they are looking for, virtually, providing enough information for conversion, making the sales cycle shorter.


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