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Mocha Global’s vision is to set out new and higher standards of trust for interacting and transacting online so people can enjoy more meaningful mobile experiences.​ With two products: Keemoji and Kee2, Mocha Global is excited to expand their mission to deliver the promises of the mobile universe by creating human-first technology for a more connected world.

Making Mobile Simple, Seamless, and Secure

In need of a new digital presence and brand identity, MG contacted Big Drop. Through market research, competitor analysis, and supported brand auditing; Big Drop set out to create the ultimate appearance for Mocha Global and their products.

In bringing Mocha Global’s new digital presence to life, the Big Drop team set out to highlight the true value of MG’s technology that unifies, simplifies and scales meaningful mobile experiences. It was important that the website would be more dynamic to reflect Mocha Global’s values, missions, and goals. By optimizing content, copy, and all things visual, Big Drop created the perfect user journey: providing information in an easily digestible way, presenting content that encourages discovery, and keeping users interested and informed.

We crafted the perfect user journey with an information architecture that seamlessly provided key information to target audience members. In doing so, we created a dynamic digital presence for Keemoji and Kee2 that speaks to various industries through unique content, creative design, and multimedia elements, helping highlight product features. Big Drop provided simplified sitemaps with vivid animations; keeping user experiences bright and engaging. By cultivating Mocha Global’s unique positioning, we brought Mocha Global’s vision to life, setting out a new and higher standard of trust for interacting and transacting online.

After implementing a seamless information architecture strategy, the Big Drop team created a clean foundation for content. With a new, invigorating look and feel, Mocha Global’s website was able to target all users, keeping them engaged and on the site longer. Bringing new visual identities to fruition and creating intuitive navigation created the perfect foundation for success.

When focusing on speaking to multiple audiences – a primary objective for Mocha Global – we created a user experience that clearly articulates MG’s capabilities, catering to all audience members that double as guiding users toward conversion. Through the use of easy navigation and simplified web pages, Big Drop was able to evoke a sense of brand credibility and excitement from audience members, keeping users engaged and excited on MG’s new digital platform.

Throughout this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Mocha Global with a highly robust digital presence that doubled as an informative home for their subsidiary brands. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation, and resource discovery; Big Drop created a digital experience for people to enjoy, ensuring no interruptive technology and unnecessary detours.

Mocha Global

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