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Well Go USA Entertainment is an Oscar-nominated theatrical and home entertainment distribution label that specializes in bringing the best in action, genre, and independent films from the U.S. and around the world to North America.

Bringing the best in Action, Genre, and Independent Films

Well Go sought the help of Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing website. The goal was to have a site optimal for user experience to effectively inform audiences about upcoming & existing films.

In bringing Well Go’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Well Go’s Oscar-nominated theatrical and home entertainment distribution label and its unique action, genre, and independent films throughout the world. The website would be built with easy navigation, optimizing content to make information easily digestible and showcase consumer needs.

When we took on the Well Go digital engagement, we concentrated on getting to know the Well Go brand inside and out to better grasp each end user's particular requirements. These insights enabled us to successfully bring Well Go's ideas to fruition through a fresh and engaging site developed to support education, customer interaction, quick load times, and conversions that satisfy each user function.

In order to create immersive user journeys, we created wireframes that promoted interaction and resource discovery. We created a seamless user interface that would highlight multimedia content, trailers, and case studies through responsive video, animation, and motion design by streamlining navigation and reimagining the site architecture. This allowed the Well Go team to increase audience engagement and conversion rates.

Another key objective of this engagement was to support the in-house team members with an easy-to-edit content management system. For Well Go, being able to quickly alter the website for upgrades and content releases was crucial. Our team at Big Drop ensured this by using Drupal 9 to help their small team move fast.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to hand off a conversion-centered, dynamic digital presence that would uniquely present content and guide target audience members toward purchase. Through meaningful content usage, ease of navigation, and an increase in lead generation; Big Drop created a digital experience for Well Go that helps the distribution label bring the best in action, genre, and independent films all over the world.

Well Go USA Entertainment

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