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Wave of Change

Wave of Change Website Design and Development

Wave of Change is Iberostar’s ambitious commitment to the oceans and leading responsible tourism.

Moving Beyond Plastics

Prior to engaging with Big Drop, Wave of Change was reimagining their brand commitment to responsible tourism and sustainability, expanding beyond seafood and coastal health to bring a more human-centric focus to audience members. With the goal of conveying their new brand narrative through an immersive digital experience, Wave of Change needed to bring their new positioning to life. Together we created a website built to support the primary objective of showcasing Wave of Change’s brand mission; positioning Wave of Change as leaders in the responsible tourism movement and promoting community involvement.

In bringing Wave of Change’s new voice to life, Big Drop designed an information architecture that would subtly convey a lot of information to users through storytelling and imagery, rather than relying solely on text. The primary emphasis in reaching key target audience members would be through matching engaging, empathy building design with practical and hopeful tones; resulting in the digital visualization of Wave of Change’s global impact, achievements, and breadth.

In order to create cohesive and engaging user journeys, Big Drop relied heavily on multimedia content, iconography, and purposeful animation to break up large blocks of text and path users toward information discovery. With a focus on bringing communities together and increasing audience participation, Big Drop utilized a road map to help facilitate community excitement and allow users to visualize Wave of Change’s future commitments and goals.

By implementing an information architecture strategy that would create a clean foundation for news and content, we optimized proof points, an interactive global map, and stories to showcase Wave of Change initiatives and highlight major milestones. As an international organization, it was additionally important to ensure mobile responsiveness and ease of use in multiple countries and regions, allowing information to be easily available to any target audience member.

When focusing on user experience, a primary objective for Wave of Change was establishing a connection between Wave of Change and its parent company, Iberostar. Wave of Change needed a UX that would take the brand mission to the next level, all while providing the context of where Wave of Change fits into the unifying concepts of the broader Iberostar community. Through purposeful content usage, we were able to easily convey these aspects of resilience, community and people onto the new Wave of Change digital presence and make this connection clear.

After fully immersing ourselves within the Wave of Change brand and mission, Big Drop was able to provide a robust digital presence that would excite and evoke emotion from target audience members. Overall, this site demonstrates a powerful storytelling machine, encouraging community involvement and education as the responsible tourism movement grows.

Wave of Change

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