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Strive Health is a value-based kidney care solution for innovative healthcare payors and providers. Through a unique combination of high-touch care teams, advanced technology, seamless integration with local providers, and next-generation dialysis services, Strive develops integrated kidney care systems that support the entire patient journey from chronic kidney disease to end-stage renal disease.

Transforming Kidney Care

Strive Health reached out to Big Drop to host, redesign and redevelop its website. The goal was to have a site that presents Strive’s scope of services and who they work with. In doing so, it was important for the site to be optimal for lead generation, as well as a marketing tool that showcases thought leadership posts, blog pages, and announcements.

By bringing their new digital presence to life, it was essential for Big Drop to highlight the true value of Strive; combining their patient stories, one-of-a-kind solutions, and accommodating resources. The website would be user-friendly, with content optimized for readability and presented in a way that promotes discovery, engagement, evaluation, and conversion.

To create user journeys conducive to information discovery, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveys information to users. By explaining the Strive Health process, approach, benefits, and the team's qualifications, the new digital presence was able to increase transparency. In bringing Strive Health’s premium positioning into fruition on the new digital presence, Big Drop provided engaging content and animation to cultivate the image of a category leader and present Strive as the leading team of professionals that work to deliver the finest kidney care.

We concentrated on improving the mobile experience and website loading speed by applying the best and most modern web development techniques, optimization, and testing. In doing so, We developed dynamic custom graphics to maintain a visually appealing experience with interactive features. We were able to break up the information and keep visitors interested, educated, and on the website longer by incorporating iconography and other multimedia features.

When focusing on lead generation, a primary objective for Strive was to create a user experience that clearly articulates capabilities to audience members and guides users toward conversion. By clearly articulating Strive’s many solutions, Big Drop was able to create a more emotional attachment to the brand by communicating values such as 'innovation, quality, and efficiency.

Through this partnership, Big Drop was able to provide Strive Health with a strong online presence that served as a tool for lead generation. Through resource discovery, streamlined navigation, and deliberate use of content; Big Drop created a digital experience for Strive that puts patients first, improves outcomes, and lower the total cost of care.

Strive Health

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