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Pricemoov is a global provider of next-generation price optimization and management solutions that help companies power digital commerce, adapt to market dynamics and empower sales teams. Featuring powerful data science, end-to-end automation and advanced pricing strategies, the cloud-native Pricemoov platform enables B2C and B2B enterprises to manage and optimize their prices across all channels with ease, and at scale.

Drive Profitability with Intelligent Pricing

Pricemoov sought the help of Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing website. The goal was to have a site that outlines the benefits and use cases of the product, the tools and applications of the platform, and clearly present an overview of the company and culture of PriceMoov.

In bringing Pricemoov’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Pricemoov’s platform and its unique selling proposition to prospects and clients alike. The website would be built with ease of use to optimize content, making information easily digestible in a way that encourages discovery, interest, evaluation, and conversion.

We established an information architecture approach that effectively communicated both the corporate story and the product story in order to design user journeys that encourage information discovery. Big Drop created compelling content and animation to present Pricemoov as a SaaS solution that serves enterprise, best-in-class brands from every industry.

After implementing a strategy for the information architecture that would lay a clear basis for the material, we concentrated on developing dynamic custom visuals to maintain an appealing experience and ensure users interact with the site. We were able to break up the material and keep visitors engaged and educated by incorporating illustrations and other multimedia features.

A key goal for Pricemoov when concentrating on lead generation was to provide a user experience that effectively communicates capabilities to audience members and directs users toward conversion. Big Drop was able to evoke a sense of brand credibility and enthusiasm in audience members through proof points and testimonials in addition to robust information architecture, keeping visitors interested as they are guided toward the Book a Demo CTA and eventual conversion.

Throughout this project, Big Drop was able to provide Pricemoov with a strong online presence that served as a tool for lead generation. Big Drop created a digital experience for Pricemoov to position itself as an integral tool for a business’s success.


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