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Saxum Real Estate is a privately-held investment and development firm with offices in NJ, TX, and PA. Saxum has built a best-in-class investment management firm rooted in its entrepreneurial and creative spirit. Built upon a dynamic vertically-integrated platform, Saxum uses its unique talents and resources to create innovative real estate investment strategies.

Extending the Bounds of Real Estate Convention

When Saxum reached out to Big Drop, they were in need of a new digital presence. The goal of this engagement was to create a new site that was optimal for all target audiences. With an interest in changing the structure of their site, Saxum wanted something new: a creative, interactive, and exciting experience for users.

When bringing the new digital presence to life, Big Drop highlighted the true vision and mission of Saxum. The website would be built to articulate a clear depiction of Saxum Real Estate’s vision, showcasing dynamic growth while distinguishing each distinctive audience member: investors, tenants, and brokers.

In order to create user journeys conducive to discovery, we implemented an information architecture strategy that segments users, leading them to digestible information along the way. To drive Saxum’s engagement, we visualized these pathways to encourage users to visit the division of the site that appeals to them. Big Drop provided engaging content and animation to cultivate the image of an innovative real estate investment company.

After implementing an information architecture strategy that would create a clean foundation for property listings, we then focused on creating dynamic custom illustrations to remain visually engaging with select interactive features. Through the use of iconography and other multimedia elements, we were able to break up information and keep users engaged, informed, and on the site longer.

When focusing on segmenting users, a primary objective for Saxum was to create a user experience that clearly articulates capabilities to audience members and guides users toward portals. Through the use of segmentation, we were able to highlight expertise through custom design elements that align with Saxum Real Estate’s sound real estate expertise and attractive investment opportunities. We evoked a sense of brand credibility and excitement from audience members, keeping users engaged as they are pathed toward conversion.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Saxum with a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generation machine. By leveraging best-in-class mobile responsiveness, Big Drop created an experience that presented content in a manner that drives engagement and encourages discovery. By reinforcing Saxum’s brand mission, its digital presence served as the digital reflection of the company’s brand positioning and strategy.

Saxum Real Estate

1 billion dollars in investment capitalizations

6 million square feet across 35 assets

2.5 MM SF nationwide

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