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Northwell Health

Northwell Health Website Design and Development

Northwell Health is New York’s largest private employer and health care provider, with 23 hospitals and nearly 800 outpatient facilities.

Reimagining Healthcare

Northwell Health approached Big Drop with the goal of evolving their current site from a “good” healthcare website into a “world-class” healthcare website. By taking a customer-centric approach to UX and design, we were able to create a successful, scalable, and sustainable digital platform that not only represents the Northwell brand, but seamlessly meets all consumer expectations in healthcare.

Through extensive UX research & discovery, Big Drop was able to determine the key challenges in the healthcare industry. We then set out to create a strategy that would digitize and personalize users’ on-site experience to meet these challenges, all while bringing the brand and brand mission to fruition with a focus on innovation, leadership, and humanity.

In creating user journeys conducive to information discovery for prospective consumers, Big Drop focused on improving site infrastructure, performance and mobile responsiveness. With accessibility being at the forefront of the design strategy, we utilized heat mapping to identify where users were experiencing friction throughout specific pathways. These crucial insights helped us in creating personalized user journeys built to segment users based on their needs; in return driving traffic towards the find a doctor, locations, payment, and patient portal sections of the Northwell website.

By focusing on customer-centric user journeys and the patient experience, Big Drop was able to provide Northwell with a vastly improved user experience across key components of their digital presence all throughout a branded experience. Through providing a high performing digital infrastructure, we helped Northwell make patients’ lives easier, speedier and more connected; building trust while keeping users engaged through immersive content and a clean UI.

A key component of creating a “world-class” healthcare website was ensuring Northwell’s digital presence could double as a roadmap for the Northwell digital team to execute on. Throughout this engagement, Big Drop enabled the Northwell team to launch targeted marketing campaigns faster across all platforms. Additionally, we provided a UX component framework that is built to scale with New York’s leading healthcare provider, all while allowing team members to make edits easily and ensure new content is optimized for SEO.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to create a patient experience built to meet the needs of Northwell consumers in addition to the expectations of present day digital healthcare. The digital experience created is one that is built to grow alongside Northwell as healthcare continues to rapidly move toward new integrated and scalable models of care delivery.

Northwell Health

#1 Largest Private Employer in NY State

23 Hospitals in the United States

700 Outpatient Facilities

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