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KF Braun Management is a full service property management company that operates a large portfolio of commercial, residential, industrial, co-op and retail property in New York City and other parts of the tri-state area.

Providing Superior and Personalized Property Management Services

The KF Braun Management team reached out to us at Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing digital presence. The goal was to create a site optimal for showcasing their impressive portfolio, as well as creating a better overall user experience.

In bringing KF Braun’s new digital presence to life, our team at Big Drop set out to highlight listings, creating unique user journeys and categorizing each listing into commercial, retail, and residential.The website would be constructed with a modern, clean aesthetic, with content optimized for readability and presented in a way that encourages conversion.

We used an information architecture strategy that created an ease of use for tenants and potential buyers – giving both audiences easy access to information relevant to them. We also provided engaging content to highlight and showcase KF Braun's role as a full service property management company, positioning them as an industry leader.

We concentrated on taking innovative and creative approach to showcase KF Braun’s property management. With the use of cutting-edge online management technology, we created a personalized experience for current and future tenants. We were able to break up information, creating clear pathways for users to find what they were looking for whether it was the tenant portal, available listings, or KF Braun’s values.

A main goal for KF Braun, when focused on their site, was to make it a marketing tool. In doing so, we were able to highlight clients, listings, and employees; Big Drop creating an online experience that clearly represented KF Braun’s property management company. We utilized insights and presented their portfolio in a robust manner, keeping visitors interested as they are pathed toward the Contact Us CTA and eventual conversion.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide KF Braun Management with a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generation machine. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation and resource discovery, and the optimization of best-in-class technology; Big Drop created a digital experience for KF Braun that helps establish them as a trusted source in property management.

KF Braun Management

45+ Years in Business

600+ Total Rental Units

3M+ Total Square Footage

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