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KBX provides transportation and logistics services to industry leaders in manufacturing and production, acting as an active supply chain partner in all modes of transportation.

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KBX had the goal of consolidating its two key subsidiary brands into a singular digital presence. Serving as Koch Industries’ end to end supply chain arm, KBX sought Big Drop’s support in a messaging and positioning strategy to provide a unified experience that showcases their breadth of services and rich history in the 3PL industry.

In creating a future forward user experience, we focused on providing KBX with a clean but exciting look & feel that stands out against industry competitors. Through intuitive navigation, strong content strategy, and engaging design; we developed a digital presence doubling as a lead generation machine built to scale.

In prioritizing simple navigation and resource discovery for users, Big Drop organized solutions by use-case -- including logistics, rail, international, and technology. With a careers section being an important function of the new digital presence, we additionally created a designated “Work with us” area to provide information to users and a clear division between Shippers and Carriers.

In building out an effective content and messaging strategy to unify the KBX subsidiaries and take the KBXs’ brand strategy to market, we conducted in depth research & discovery to understand the needs behind each end user. This research allowed us to optimize content and present information to users in an immersive way that would resonate with them and their objectives.

As a key player in the 3PL industry, it was additionally important to showcase the story and breadth of KBX for prospective employees and clients. Our design team focused on highlighting trucking, rail and ocean components, in addition to all service offerings, through immersive and modern design elements and multimedia content.

After much collaboration, we were able to create a unified, robust, and high performing digital presence with updated message points focused on highlighting the differentiator components of KBX. With a fresh new user experience and look, this site is built to drive users toward information discovery and eventual conversion.


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