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Fora Financial is a leading business financing lender, that has provided over $2 billion to more than 25,000 business owners nationwide; providing fast, flexible financing for small to mid-sized businesses so that they can invest in their operations however they see fit.

Putting Funding Solutions to Work

Fora Financial sought the help of Big Drop to redesign and redevelop, and rebrand its existing digital presence. The goal was to have a site optimal for lead generation by redesigning the website to present Fora Financial as the best financial lending solution for small business owners, regardless of their industry.

In bringing Fora’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Fora Financial’s presence in the marketplace by implementing a consistent rebranding for prospects, customers, partners, and recruitment efforts. The website would create an informative and intuitive user experience that provides the information a prospect needs to apply while also instilling a clear, trustworthy, industry-leading impression of Fora, its products and the industries served.

To emphasize our focus on providing informative resources, we implemented an information architecture strategy that effectively communicates Fora Financial's mission and values throughout the website in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Our team at Big Drop also created engaging content and animation to encourage users to come back to the site for relevant information, which helps to establish and reinforce Fora Financial's leadership in the industry.

When focusing on the rebrand, it was important for the Fora Financial visual identity to b comprised of a series of elements that, when used together, create a cohesive look and feel that embodies the brand. When creating the logo it was crucial for it to be suggestive of growth, connectivity, and success. Two arrows come together to form the ‘F’ in Fora. The two different colors suggest Fora and their Clients growing together.

When prioritizing lead capture, a main goal for Fora was to design a user experience that clearly shows its capabilities to its audience and guides them towards taking action. By using proof points and testimonials, along with a well-designed information architecture, Big Drop was able to create a sense of brand credibility and excitement for audiences, keeping them engaged as they are guided towards the "Get Started" call-to-action and ultimately converting.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Fora Financial with an updated brand and a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generation machine. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation and resource discovery, and the optimization of best-in-class technology; Big Drop created a digital experience for Fora Financial that presents them as the best financial lending solution for small business owners, regardless of their industry.

Fora Financial

35k+ companies funded

$3 billion distributed

A+ with Better Business Bureau

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