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Country Life is a family-owned business dedicated to nutritional and lifestyle products for over 35 years. With a mission to serve as a destination space for wellness education, Country Life is one of the most-trusted brands for natural-sourced products, from multi-vitamins and minerals to fitness optimization and skincare.

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Undergoing a recent redevelopment of the company’s brand positioning strategy, Country Life sought Big Drop’s digital expertise in reflecting the brand’s new messaging in a manner conducive to the objectives of driving engagement through authentic story-telling. In order to differentiate in a highly competitive market, Big Drop worked closely with Country Life in ensuring the new digital presence was visually effective in highlighting the attributes that make Country Life unique. In order to differentiate across sub-segments of the brand, Big Drop crafted strategic pathways through in-depth user flow exercises to ensure that the right message reached the right user, at the right stage in their journey.

In order to make the most of its new brand positioning strategy and identity, Country Life required a streamlined digital presence that closely articulated the core aspects of messaging. The primary emphasis in terms of performance was engaging new potential customers while continuing to delight those returning with the Country Life products they love.

To improve conversion as well as onsite engagement, Big Drop put forth an immersive eCommerce experience, as opposed to the previously leveraged product catalog. This allowed Country Life to leverage the strategically crafted user experience across its digital marketing channels, supporting fluidly through various mediums.

In a dramatic shift in information architecture strategy, Big Drop provided users with separate pathways by which they could discover Country Life products. By providing a path to discovery based on goals, users could more easily identify products by selecting which goals they were looking to achieve through Country Life products.

With the mission of providing Country Life users with a best in class user experience, Big Drop doubled down on the goal-based product discovery while still providing a traditional means of product discovery for those users who know exactly what product they are looking for.

By fully immersing ourselves within the Country Life brand, we conducted dozens of hours of research & discovery to pave the way for meeting the needs of end users while satisfying Country Life’s core objectives. While staying true to the roots of the Country Life brand, we were able to achieve what we consider to be among the single most effective digital presences within the wellness industry.

Country Life

75+ Hours of Research

400+ Products

14,500+ Users/Month

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