Competitor Analysis

Your brand is unique. You’re not like everyone else. We know that. But finding your opportunity and voice in a oversaturated, highly competitive market requires some research. That’s where competitive analysis comes in.

Competitive analysis enables us to see what the landscape looks like. Then, we’re able to identify opportunities where you, your product, and your brand can be differentiated from everyone else.

There are a few different levels to our analysis.

  • Product or Service: who is selling something similar?
  • Content: who is tackling similar topics or ideas?
  • Local: who is competing with you in your geographic area?
  • Branding: whose tone and voice is similar to yours?
  • Keywords: who is ranking on your target high-value keywords?

Understanding S.W.O.T.

To help with this research, we bring in the SWOT team. We look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of all of these competitors. By identifying what your competitors are doing well (and not-so-well), we can figure out your area of opportunity. Then, we develop your digital strategy to support that niche. This drives your brand forward in a complex, changing competitive landscape.

In a nutshell, we do a ton of research. We use the information we find to map out the main players on a matrix. Then, we identify where your brand needs to be in order to hit your competitors out of the park. We develop key insights, using our years of experience as a guiding light. This process gives us actionable steps that we know will support your business objectives.

We also know that the landscape is always changing. That’s why we don’t approach competitive analysis as one-and-done. We conduct regular competitive analyses so we can continually adjust our approach. Your industry moves fast; your strategy should too.

We conduct in-depth, crazy detailed competitive analysis. But let’s be real: with enough time and resources on hand, anyone can do the research. What makes us exceptional is our insights. It takes skill to take the facts and turn them into takeaways and learnings. We analyze the information we derive in order to develop key insights that inform our strategy. No matter what industry you’re in or what obstacles you’re up against, you can be confident that we’re informed and up-to-date — and ready to support your goals.

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