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Revolutionizing Education: The Power of Digital Platforms

Jun 27, 2024
Portfolio Examples / Website Design and Development
by Sydney Frenkel
education based websites

Digital platforms have become indispensable tools for shaping the way we learn. Education-based websites not only provide a wealth of information but also foster interactive and personalized learning experiences. With the integration of advanced technologies and user-centric design, these platforms are at the forefront of revolutionizing education, making learning more accessible and engaging in today’s digital age.

From seamless navigation to visually compelling interfaces, these platforms exemplify the synergy between technology and education, creating immersive environments that cater to diverse learners. Now, let’s delve into some exemplary projects that showcase the intersection of digital marketing and education.

In the digital age, education is not just about information; it’s about crafting immersive and personalized experiences.”

                  – Kaity Ayuso, Big Drop’s Business Development Manager

1. Square Academy: Empowering Users for Success

Square education based website

Square Academy, a project undertaken by our digital marketing team in collaboration with Square, stands as a testament to the power of education in driving success. With a focus on providing free courses and webinars to Square users, our team created a brand new Learning Management System (LMS) from scratch for a fully future-proofed, scalable solution that will grow with them. The challenge was to serve users of all backgrounds with thoughtful education, and the result is a meticulously crafted LMS that is not only scalable but also adaptable to individual learning needs.

Through strategic infrastructure, intuitive user pathways, and streamlined navigation, Square Academy ensures that users remain both informed and engaged. The mobile-responsive design presents information in a digestible format, fostering exploration and assessment. With custom illustrations and distinctive features, the website not only educates but also captivates, making Square Academy a standout example of how digital marketing can elevate education in the digital age.

2. ExecOnline: Modernizing Executive Education

exec online education based website

ExecOnline, a leader in school-certified online executive education and leadership development programs, partnered with our team at Big Drop for a comprehensive website and brand refresh. The objective was to modernize the site’s look and feel while clearly presenting the value of its programs and fostering meaningful impact for enterprises. Our team focused on creating an intuitive user experience, emphasizing behavioral change through thoughtful carefully curated imagery designed to portray their human-centered approach.

The outcome of this collaboration speaks volumes: a lead-generating website that guides users towards the most relevant content based on their interests. ExecOnline‘s refreshed digital presence showcases the brand’s innovation, mission, and success stories. By combining purposeful content usage, simplified navigation, and optimized technology, Big Drop elevated ExecOnline’s position in the realm of executive education, demonstrating how strategic online initiatives can reshape the landscape of professional development.

3. Moroccanoil Professionals: Bridging Style and Education

moroccanoil education based website

Moroccanoil Professionals has designed a unique website specifically tailored for salon stylists, creating a platform that seamlessly blends in-person and online learning experiences. Whether you prefer the hands-on approach of training at the NYC academy or the flexibility of online education through videos and self-guided lessons, this website caters to the diverse needs of beauty professionals. It reflects Moroccanoil’s strong commitment to supporting stylists in their learning journey.

By offering a variety of educational resources, Moroccanoil’s website stands out as a beacon of dedication to innovation and skill development in the realm of beauty education. This commitment underscores the brand’s recognition of the importance of ongoing education for stylists, empowering them to stay at the forefront of industry trends and techniques. In the dynamic world of beauty, Moroccanoil Professionals’ platform serves as an excellent example of how a brand can contribute to the continuous growth and excellence of beauty professionals.

4. Northwell for Professionals: Shaping Healthcare’s Future

northwell for professionals education based website

As the largest health system in New York, Northwell Health for Professionals exemplifies the transformative impact of education in the healthcare field. Our collaboration with Northwell involved showcasing their commitment to educating current and future healthcare professionals. With over 160 residency and fellowship programs, as well as various continued medical and professional education opportunities, the website acts as a comprehensive resource for professionals across a wide variety of specialties.

The website offers insights into departments, investing in the future of healthcare, and graduate medical education, emphasizing Northwell’s dedication to shaping the next generation of medical professionals. By providing resources, research opportunities, and interprofessional continuing education, Northwell Health for Professionals stands as a guiding light of education and innovation in the healthcare sector.

5. NYFA (New York Film Academy): Pioneering Hands-On Arts Education

NYFA education based website

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is a trailblazer in hands-on visual and performing arts education. Collaborating with Big Drop, NYFA’s digital presence underwent a comprehensive transformation to optimize discovery, humanize the site, and simplify navigation. The website not only highlights NYFA’s philosophy of “learning by doing” but also presents innovative learning methods in a visually engaging manner.

With a focus on showcasing NYFA‘s premium positioning and multimedia elements, the website brings to life the institution’s commitment to providing the best hands-on visual and performing arts education globally. By leveraging proof points, student success stories, and a robust information architecture, NYFA’s digital platform creates a user experience that communicates academic programs effectively and guides prospective students seamlessly through the application process. NYFA’s website, a culmination of 30 years of hands-on programs, 135k+ graduates, and a global community of 160+ countries, is a testament to the institution’s leadership in arts education.

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