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ExecOnline is a provider of school-certified online executive education and leadership development programs; operating with intention and taking thoughtful action to deliver career-enhancing programs for leaders and meaningful impact for enterprises.

Connecting Leaders to Their Future Potential

ExecOnline reached out to Big Drop for a website and brand refresh regarding the existing digital presence. The goal was to modernize the site's look and feel while clearly presenting their message to users, bettering their journey experience.

In bringing ExecOnline’s new website to life, Big Drop highlighted the true value of their education and leadership development programs, emphasising the design to drive true behavioral change to their audiences,creating meaningful results and lasting impact on their users. In creating ExecOnline’s website, intuitive user journeys with elements to track and interact with audiences was a priority.

In order to improve user journeys, we created an information architecture strategy that conveyed both the company’s mission and meaningful impact in a clear, tasteful manner. Through bringing ExecOnline’s refreshed positioning into fruition on the new digital presence, Big Drop provided custom illustrations and animated elements to cultivate the story that connects all leaders to their future potential.

After executing an information architecture strategy that created a modernized foundation for ExecOnline, we then focused on elevating the brand with custom illustrations to engage and educate users on what ExecOnline is all about. Through the use of purposeful content and design, we were able to break up text and keep users engaged, informed, and on the site longer.

When focusing on lead generation, a primary objective for ExecOnline was to create a user experience that strategically articulates who ExecOnline is as a brand and guides users towards the most relevant content based on their interests. Through usage of success stories and company leadership, in addition to a clean information architecture, Big Drop enhanced ExecOnline’s innovative missions and brand, getting user’s exposed to the right information based on their interests.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide ExecOnline with a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generator. Through elevating the brand’s mission, simplifying yet impacting user journey’s and strategically placing success stories; Big Drop created a digital experience for ExecOnline’s solutions to ensure that leaders, from new managers to the most senior executives, develop the capabilities needed to meet their business goals.


2016 Forbes Top Technology Company to Watch

2020 Brand Hall HCM Excellence Awards – Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program

95% of participants describe their experience as excellent, very good, or good

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