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Big Drop’s Best:
Vitaliy, COO/CTO

Sep 8, 2020
by Jolie Stern
Vitaliy Kononov, COO/CTO at Big Drop

Tell us about your role at Big Drop.

With a focus on IT, Finance, HR, Operations, Communications, Change and Risk Management; I oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Big Drop, therefor allowing me to have involvement in each project.

If you had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, what would it be?

Be prepared to put time in, especially at the very beginning of the project, in order to set a solid ground for success. Additionally, I would tell clients to trust the process and allow the partner to take the lead.

What are some influences that motivate you, and your career in digital?

Having a background in technology combined with many years of management experience, I am mostly motivated by the endless innovations and possibilities in the digital world. It is a constant learning process that will never stop pushing me towards growth.

What do you think differentiates Big Drop?

Big Drop is a mix of people and processes that create a unique experience for unique clients.

Speaking of different, tell us something unique about you?

We are all unique and different. My uniqueness is to be able to create an environment where diverse and creative people can work and collaborate together while focusing on results.

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