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Big Drop’s Best: Aaron, Vice President

Oct 29, 2020
by Jolie Stern
Aaron Sines, Vice President at Big Drop

Tell us about a project you’re working on.

Big Drop is very proud to be taking on the new Bank of China digital presence. In a rapid departure from the current website experience; and ambitiously, Bank of China sought Big Drop’s capabilities in designing and developing an industry-leading website for banking. With an emphasis on a seamless user experience, the aspects of the engagement of which we are most proud of are the integrity to which the new experience pays homage to the Bank of China brand history. Over the course of Big Drop’s trajectory, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of major financial institutions, Bank of China being the latest in exemplifying the best of Big Drop’s capabilities.

If you had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, what would it be?

The single most important factor in terms of ensuring your website project is a success is planning. The importance of conducting the proper requirements analysis cannot be understated. While Big Drop’s role in ensuring our clients are thinking of every possible intricacy that is contingent on a successful outcome, the responsibility of due diligence is very much shared between the vendor and the client. While we have had countless web projects that have been incredibly successful all without a project brief, it is still important that clients think through their desired functionality respective to their new digital presence. Furthermore, with regard to applicable integrations, it is important clients make these clear pre-engagement so as to ensure there are no surprises post-kickoff. Additionally, the nuances of product and/or service differentiation and positioning are crucial elements of your new digital presence, of which should have organizational consensus prior to engaging in a website project.

What are some influences that motivate you, and your career in digital?

By far, the most exciting influence pertaining to my career in digital is the dynamic nature of the ecosystem. Our Clients rely on Big Drop to innovate. It is our duty to provide our clients with the insight that is required to stay ahead of the competition in providing them with the best of what digital has to offer. Personally, this very reliance is what drives me, and what drives Big Drop to challenge the status quo, to dare to try new tactics, and to deploy new strategies in ways of which others would often be reluctant to.

What do you think differentiates Big Drop?

The agency world of today is fiercely competitive. At Big Drop, we often ask ourselves: why us? Why should this Client choose Big Drop? Or conversely, why should we bid on a given project? Should we bid on this project at all? Asking these questions allows us to zero in on the projects of which we are uniquely well suited to take on. If we are not the right fit for a given request for proposal, we often respectfully decline so as to ensure our collective heart and passion is in every project we take on. By embracing the notion of selectivity, we are able to provide our clients with the unparalleled attention to which their account deserves — and inherently — deliver far more value. Innovation aside, it is our sheer dedication, long-term thinking, and responsibility to our clients, all of which we take seriously that makes the level of service we provide second to none.

Speaking of different, tell us something unique about you?

I have two cats (Vito & Emilio) and one dog (Luca), all named after characters in The Godfather. If you know, you know.

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