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Big Drop’s Best: James, Director of Account Strategy & Client Service

Aug 31, 2020
by Jolie Stern
James Weiss, Director of Account Strategy & Client Service at Big Drop

Tell us about a project you’re working on.

Our team recently launched the e-commerce portion of a former purely-informational site that featured extensive animation. Within the first week of launch, the client reported back that their orders exceed their projections and they are now having to work with their fulfillment partner on increasing their inventory to keep up with demand.

If you had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, what would it be?

The best projects we’ve ever realized were a true collaboration between our team and the client’s. The more we work together to satisfy the objectives, the better the outcome. You give us the purpose, we’ll give you the solution.

What are some influences that motivate you, and your career in digital?

I love seeing what legacy brands are doing to push the boundaries of digital and connect with their audiences. To that end, I’m constantly searching for sparks of inspiration for clients to adopt or implement for a win.

What do you think differentiates Big Drop?

In addition to our team’s ability to be as agile and responsive as needed, I like to think that we thrive with challenges. We frequently place emphasis on results and continue to grow with each new project. Lastly, we invest time and resources into our clients and their projects, leading to longer partnerships, more projects and enhanced expertise.

Speaking of different, tell us something unique about you?

I enjoy collecting vintage and custom guitars, suits and books about serial killers and the mob. In a former life, I represented Team USA internationally in the sport of Fencing.

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