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Web Design Trends & Forecasts for 2023

Aug 25, 2022
Website Design and Development
by Sydney Frenkel
Web Design Trends & Forecasts for 2023

Inevitably, trends come and go. And, while there is no single authority that can provide the forecast of what trends are lurking around the corner, we, at Big Drop do look to the future for inspiration for all of our design engagements. After consulting our talented Creative Team members, we compiled a comprehensive list of some of the web design trends we expect to see in 2023 (because who wants to be “so 2022”?). It is our hope that the list below will offer similar inspiration and help you and your team approach the design of your digital presence in a more inclusive and accessible manner.

3D Design

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Animation certainly won’t be new for 2023. But, its evolving usage and surging adoption just may become a top trend in the coming year. 3D graphics are being increasingly used in UI to enhance web interfaces and add an eye-catching element to both B2C and B2B sites, alike.

Using computer-modeling software to create objects with a three-dimensional appearance, 3D design is also a popular trend spanning graphic design, typography, and digital art. Expect this to be more commonplace.

Focus on Talent Acquisition

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It’s no secret that competition for talent has never been higher. This is especially true for tech companies where there is real desperation for software-related talent. In order to attract talent in this environment, a clear strategy is as much needed for talent acquisition as it is for marketing and sales. These forces are driving what is likely to remain as one of the strongest trends in website design and development – a renewed emphasis on talent acquisition. Prior to today’s hyper-competitive environment, companies could get away with a simple careers page; perhaps even some images of employees having fun, some ping-pong tables, and talk of summer Fridays. Now, employees care about flexibility, remote work, and clearly defined company values. 

Prospective candidates today have more flexibility than ever to choose. Companies that succeed in attracting talent know that employees today have options. For these reasons and more, one of the most influential trends in web design is putting talent acquisition at the forefront of the digital presence. Employee testimonials, transparency in third-party employer review sites, diversity, and inclusion are all key elements of an effective talent acquisition strategy. 

Preference-Based Designs

Web development has made great strides in offering more personalized experiences. This can be anything from including a toggle between dark/light mode and other ways of changing a site’s appearance and navigation to offering content custom-tailored to one’s taste, similar to custom playlists generated by Apple.

New design practices and algorithms are making the internet less passive for user experience and are already shifting to be more user-centered. The future will bring even more of a focus on meeting the needs, wants, and tastes of those navigating through websites.


What’s sure to continue to be a popular MO for designers in 2023? Leveraging design elements through web experiences to emphasize a brand’s narrative. This is already popular for 2022 and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Scolly-telling done right helps to: keep motion within a small area, provide interactions on the user’s terms, and make sure elements help to emphasize the story, rather than distract from important text.

Behavioral Design

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The core of behavioral design is using visual cues that influence how users interact with the design. Designers can better understand how users think and impact their behavior by fusing creative design with scientific data. This approach is generally used to construct software and apps that assist users in accomplishing tasks like achieving particular objectives, mastering a skill, or upholding everyday routines. Behavioral design employs techniques such as scarcity – like when there’s “only 1 left in stock” on a retail website – and the CAR  (cue, action, and reward) model. 

Custom Illustrations

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Not that long ago, websites only contained text and a few graphics or photos. A more intimate connection with individuals is now possible thanks to the evolution of web design. Custom graphics are becoming more and more popular as a way to add some fun to web pages. Custom illustrations can add so much originality and personality to a site.


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A purposeful plainness, crudeness, or brutality of imagery characterizes the architectural or artistic style known as brutalism. The first brutalist websites were primarily practical; one of the most well-known examples is Craigslist, whose minimalist design hasn’t changed much since the 1990s. Whether they knew it or not, web designers were adopting a brutalist philosophy anytime they concentrated on making user interfaces that were straightforward, unassuming, and practical.

With brutalism making an appearance in the digital world, its aesthetic traits are now more clearly expressed through typography and color schemes, extending its use to a wider range of design applications.

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