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Spring Health website redesign Case Study
Project Overview

Spring Health reached out to Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its current website with the goal of creating a demand generation machine that effectively communicates with its target audiences.

Healthcare, Wellness
UX/UI Design, Web Design, Development

A primary objective for Spring Health was to create a user experience that clearly articulates capabilities to audience members and guides users toward conversion.

Big Drop implemented a robust information architecture and incorporated proof points and testimonials that evoked a sense of brand credibility and excitement in the audience. By leveraging these elements, we successfully kept users engaged and directed them toward the "Request a Demo" call-to-action, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates.

Spring Health website development
Spring Health website redesign
Research & Discovery

To foster user journeys that facilitate seamless information discovery, we crafted user journeys that seamlessly guide visitors toward discovering vital information. Through a well-crafted information architecture, we effectively conveyed the company's narrative and the compelling story of Spring Health’s transformative solutions, ensuring ease of understanding for all users.

User journey map for Spring Health’s website

In bringing Spring Health’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Spring Health’s proven mental health solution for employers and health plans that changes lives and drives business results, everywhere. The website would be built as mobile responsive, optimizing content to make information easily digestible and presenting content in a way that encourages discovery, interest, evaluation, and conversion. 

Spring Health’s solutions pages design
Visual Elements

Following the implementation of an information architecture strategy that established a streamlined foundation for the content, we shifted our focus to crafting dynamic and custom illustrations that would maintain visual appeal. We also incorporated select interactive features that set Spring Health apart from competitors, making it stand out from the noise. By incorporating iconography and other multimedia elements, we effectively broke up lengthy text and kept users engaged, informed, and on the site for longer periods of time.

Crafting dynamic and custom illustrations for Spring Health website
Custom fonts for the website
Visual website elements Design
Visual website elements Design
Icons design for mental health website
Icons design for mental health website
Visual elements design for Spring Health

Through the updated website, Big Drop created a digital presence that showcases comprehensive mental health solutions, impacts, and approaches.

Mental health website design by Big Drop
Responsive Design

The new site aimed to captivate users with a visually compelling interface and seamless functionality, accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. The primary focus was to drive consumer education and create immersive experiences. By combining clean design and user-friendly features, we ensured an engaging and informative journey for every visitor.

Mobile responsive website design
User-friendly features
Mobile responsive elements
Responsive elements design for Spring Health website
Responsive elements design for Spring Health website
Mobile responsive elements
User-friendly elements design
Mobile responsive elements design
Mobile Responsive website design Mobile Responsive website design for Spring Health

By highlighting Spring Health's solutions, impact, and approach, Big Drop crafted compelling content and animations that fostered lead generation and positioned Spring Health as a game-changing solution for employers and health plans that drives positive results and transforms lives.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Spring Health with a robust digital presence that doubled as a lead generation machine. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation and resource discovery, and the optimization of best-in-class technology; Big Drop created a digital experience for Spring Health built to improve the mental health of employees and reduce the risk of absenteeism and lost productivity.

Spring Health website outcomes after redesign

of members achieve reliable improvement in fewer sessions


reduction in employee turnover


increase in productivity

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