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Bamboo Health provides healthcare professionals with the right information at moments that matter, to deliver better outcomes at better costs, and with better experiences for patients, providers, and administrators.

Leaders in Real-Time Care Intelligence

Bamboo Health sought the help of Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing website. The goal was to have a site optimal for better efficacy and precision care, improved provider and patient experience, and lower risks and system costs.

In bringing Bamboo’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Bamboo Health’s real-time care intelligence, which gives healthcare professionals the right information during high-value moments. The website would be created to be responsive for mobile devices, with content optimized for readability and presented in a way that promotes discovery, interest, evaluation, and conversion.

We established an information architecture approach that effectively communicated the company's missions and values in order to design user journeys that encourage information discovery. Big Drop created interesting content and animation to help Bamboo Health establish its premium positioning on its new digital presence. This helped the company establish its position as a category leader.

After implementing a plan for the information architecture that would lay a clear basis for the material, we concentrated on developing dynamic custom drawings to maintain a visually appealing experience with a few interactive features. We were able to break up the material and keep visitors interested, informed, and on the website longer by incorporating iconography and other multimedia features.

The creation of a user experience that effectively communicates capabilities to audience members and directs users toward conversion was one of Bamboo Health's main goals. Big Drop was able to instill a sense of brand credibility and excitement in audience members through the use of proof points and testimonials in addition to a strong information architecture, keeping visitors engaged as they are guided toward the Contact Us CTA and eventual conversion.

Through this engagement, Big Drop was able to provide Bamboo Health with a robust digital presence. Through purposeful content usage, simplified navigation and resource discovery, and the optimization of best-in-class technology; Big Drop created a digital experience for Bamboo Heath that empowers the right decisions, at the right time, for the right outcomes.

Bamboo Health

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