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Big Drop’s Best:
Chelsea, Senior Digital Project Manager

Sep 17, 2020
by Jolie Stern
Chelsea Catherman, Senior Digital Project Manager at Big Drop

Tell us about a project you’re working on.

A healthcare company is almost ready to launch a new site under a brand identity refresh. It’s been a blast working with this client. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on their revamped visual identity and their technical strategy.

If you had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, what would it be?

A small time investment in a little bit of background research on web design, user experience design and web development can have an awesome impact on our shared workflow. You don’t need to become an expert, but it helps us speak the same language and collectively ‘make it pop’.

What are some influences that motivate you, and your career in digital?

My background is in cultural and digital anthropology, so social commentary and scholarship on the ways people interact with digital is a big motivator professionally and personally. Sometimes it challenges the assumptions we can have about people, and web design and development. It definitely motivates me to apply different perspectives to what we do. Stumbling across great design outside of the digital medium is another source of creative motivation. Say what you will about the ‘everything is cake’ meme, but I think the bakeoff that ensued was extremely impressive and made me want to learn a new skill.

What do you think differentiates Big Drop?

We’re nimble and we have fun with it.

Speaking of different, tell us something unique about you?

Despite working in digital, I keep up with old friends via snail mail.

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