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Crazy Aaron’s makes thinking putty and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder and to educate and delight customers all over the world.

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Crazy Aaron’s reached out to Big Drop to redesign and redevelop its existing website. The goal was to provide an experience that keeps people coming back to as a destination for fun, discovery, and shopping.

In bringing Crazy Aaron’s new digital presence to life, Big Drop set out to highlight the true value of Crazy Aaron’s innovative products. The new site would be visually compelling with clean functionality, on desktop and mobile, that drives consumer education and experience on the collectability of the current product, the history of the product and brand, and the opportunity for new sales.

In order to create user journeys conducive to information discovery, we implemented an information architecture strategy that conveyed both the company story and the product story in a clear, digestible manner. By bringing Crazy Aaron's brand positioning to life on the updated digital platform, Big Drop generated captivating visuals and animations to establish the company as a top contender in its category and present Crazy Aaron as an industry pioneer.

Following the implementation of an information architecture strategy that established a clear foundation for content, we shifted our focus towards crafting captivating custom illustrations and integrating select interactive features. By incorporating iconography and other multimedia elements, we effectively broke up lengthy text and sustained user engagement, ensuring that visitors remained informed and spent more time on the site.

In the pursuit of generating leads, Crazy Aaron's primary objective was to showcase the unique tactile experience of playing with their putty/ dough. By employing proof points and testimonials, coupled with a robust information architecture, Big Drop successfully established a sense of brand credibility and sparked excitement among audience members, effectively educating consumers on the collectability of all products.

By leveraging purposeful content, streamlined navigation and resource discovery, and cutting-edge technology optimization, Big Drop was able to deliver a comprehensive digital presence for Crazy Aaron's that doubled as a lead generation powerhouse. Through this engagement, Big Drop crafted a captivating digital experience that effectively conveyed the unparalleled tactile experience of playing with Crazy Aaron's products, providing a compelling showcase of the brand's unique offerings.

Crazy Aaron’s

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