Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is a key part of any marketer’s repertoire. It’s a great way to connect with your consumers and drive engagement and other valuable actions. Our email marketing and automation capabilities work to keep customers engaged, nurture new leads and streamline potential business opportunities.

Our email campaigns help brands turn the conversion funnel into a conversion loop, re-engaging your consumers on a perfectly timed basis. At Big Drop, we optimize email marketing strategies to maximize engagement and conversions. It’s an integral part of a multimedia, cross-channel marketing ecosystem.

From strategic copy to stellar design our email marketing templates help brands accelerate in a world full of overcrowded inboxes. From list segmentation to lead flow analysis, our goal is to help brands communicate to their target audience, no matter where they fall in the customer journey.

Lifecycle Marketing Processes

Our lifecycle marketing processes use careful audience segmentation. This means that users receive only the most relevant and targeted information. It allows you to move leads and consumers further down your engagement process while leaving consumers happy and interested.

We believe data tells the best story. We use A/B testing to methodically determine which messages resonate the most with your audience. We also track and use analytics to continually optimize the strategy. Through this, we gain a strong understanding of user behavior, which allows us to refine the algorithms that support the campaign. We find the best time, frequency, and content to send to your audience, strengthening your campaigns and improving your results. Through it all, you can expect attention to detail, full communication, an effective, brand-driven strategy, and strong ROI.

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