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Protecting Your Brand As A Vendor

Jun 20, 2018
Digital Marketing
by James Weiss
Protecting Your Brand As A Vendor

Being A Client

I know. I’ve been there. A client, that is…

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Your team decides it needs some help. Someone is tapped internally to get it done, and, of course, it’s you. You do some research, fill out some online forms, maybe make some calls, create an RFP, throw it out and write a better one, do some LinkedIn stalking, listen through a few pitches, run it up the flagpole, and maybe the stars align for you to find the right provider. Sound familiar?

I get it: not the most riveting experience.

Being A Vendor

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some fantastic providers and in working with them over a few years we’ve built a rapport and a system of trust. And now, after enjoying getting to know one of our partners’ Founders personally, it’s made all the difference when recommending them for ill-fitting projects for Big Drop. What’s more is it worked within a very short period of time, making both of us very happy.

Early last month, Big Drop received a call from a firm based right here in New York who was interested in having their website redesigned. Big Drop has enjoyed success working alongside professional services sector clients and was eager to take the opportunity on, but there was difficulty in aligning their budget with the value of our expertise. So, Big Drop provided value a different way: we introduced, and referred a competitor, the aforementioned “provider”.

“I’m grateful for having been pointed in the right direction. The team at Big Drop helped me immensely when it became clear that we weren’t able to work together. But, since speaking with James who took the time to understand what I was looking for, he knew exactly where to direct me and it worked perfectly! I was moved by the help; prior to that I had spent day sorting through potential partners and time on the phone and emails going back and forth.  Our kickoff call just happened with our new partner, and our project is underway – I’m excited for the outcome. Thank you! This is much appreciated.”

Our pleasure!

Protecting Our Brand

Above all else, we’ve ensured that our reputation grows positively by leveraging our partner network and creating value through our relationships within the industry.

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