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Big Drop’s Best: Jolie, Business Development Associate

Aug 26, 2020
by Jolie Stern
Jolie Stern, Business Development Associate at Big Drop

Tell us about a project you’re working on.

Recently, I have been working on building out a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign to highlight and recognize some of Big Drop’s agency and technology partners. As a full-service digital agency, we work with numerous partners in order to provide best in class solutions for clients. Some of these partners include Contentful, Prismic, and Acquia – and the goal of this campaign is to not only recognize the amazing work we have been able to accomplish together, but to also showcase the Big Drop resources we utilize on a daily basis to achieve high performance and results.

If you had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, what would it be?

If I had to tell clients one thing to ensure a successful website project, I would emphasize the importance of communication and time management. It is not uncommon that when asking a prospective client about their timeline – I receive answers such as “we needed our website done yesterday”. Of course, designing and developing high performance and high quality websites takes time – but the amount of time needed can be dramatically decreased if client feedback is quick and communication is seamless. A website project is a two way street; and collaboration, efficiency and transparency are what truly make success!

What are some influences that motivate you, and your career in digital?

As a recent college graduate and marketing student, I have witnessed the evolution of social media marketing over the years. I have seen brands build relationships with millions of users, including myself, all through the use of concise brand messaging, clear communication, and engaging and relatable content. Watching brands such as Soul Cycle, Glossier, and Lemonade grow and adapt to the needs of their target audience members has been extremely inspiring – and to me, a brand with a personality can be very motivational. From the start of my studies in marketing, I knew that I wanted the opportunity to contribute my knowledge, personality, and marketing experience to the growth and evolution of brands and companies – and this has truly been my driving force behind my career in digital marketing.

What do you think differentiates Big Drop?

In my opinion, the main thing that differentiates Big Drop is our personality. Yes, I can go on and on explaining our research backed approach to website design, or our active effort in staying up to date with marketing trends while leveraging our full-service marketing capabilities – but that’s boring, and we are far from boring. Big Drop is a team of professional, fun, and diverse individuals. We care immensely about our clients, and we love to celebrate all the successes that come out of each engagement. We take pride in our work, and we also take pride in the clients we work with. We strive to serve as an extension of the client’s marketing team – and along the way we have formed amazing relationships that have lasted for years.

Speaking of different, tell us something unique about you?

In addition to my love for marketing, the world of food has always been very important to me. Similar to digital marketing, food is forever changing and evolving. There are so many different ways to be involved in the food world, whether it be supporting local businesses and restaurants or providing aid to organizations advocating for causes like food insecurity. I actively strive to keep some level of involvement in the food community, and I love the endless opportunities to do so. I additionally get excited whenever I have the opportunity to combine my marketing experience and knowledge with my passion for food!

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